The Demon Side

Maie DeNill thought life was going to simple, and easy.
But life as a Witch is never, simple, or easy.
And unbeknownst to Maie she has the mother of all demons inhabiting her mind and influencing her dreams.
A single lie will set her path in stone, but will the boy who had bargained immortality for her life come to the rescue?
When Maie thinks she has no other option, she will look inside herself, and release the evil within. But the consequences will be dire.


1. Prologue

The boy stood before her in the dim light of the rooftop garden, all around them the night flowers bloomed, producing marvellous colours that, if she were human, she would have enjoyed. Eager to please her he had gently laid the body of the human girl before her, the light pink sundress torn from the scuffle, but her face was exactly as she had seen it in the vision. A stubborn jaw line, but a kind smile, high cheekbones that were covered with a light pink flush from exerting her energy in the fight, the humans body was spacious, but not overly so, as she had heard others describe, the woman was curvaceous, muscles easily seen in her arms and legs.
Yes, she would do.

"Well done dear boy!" The demon woman exclaimed, clasping her hands together in excitement. "Tell me about her." She sat back, eyes still trailing over the human body.

"She is an artist, a very good one as well; she lives at home with her father. She is always seen out with a boy who is unknown to our spies." The demons eyes slowly rose to his, the menace in them palpable. "We suspect he is her boyfriend, or possibly her best friend"
A slow smile gathered on the demons face, pleased by this.
"And, I guess you're wondering what your reward will be if you let me take this human body?"
The young boy nodded, a mass of dark hair swinging to cover his light blue eyes.
"While the girl will still have full control over her body, I will make sure she comes to you, and then, when you need me most I will simply take over the girls conscience and she will have all of my powers, and her own"

How easy it was to seduce the human race, she thought, as the boy quickly agreed to this, releasing her from the chains that had held her on the roof and escaping away from her quickly.
Maybe he wasn't so daft after all. But the demon woman would always win, after all, she had been seducing man kind since she was married to Adam.

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