Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


1. Run!

I hear the basement door get kicked off it's hinges. I try to move back more to stay hidden. My heart's pounding, my breathing becomes quicker, I'm  hyperventilating. I can't let them catch me, not again. I tried to escape thirteen times already, may fourteen is the lucky number for me. I hear, "Where the hell is she! You two idiots were supposed to keep an eye on her!". I quickly search for a weapon of some sort, my left hand grasps a tampering bar, perfect. I wait for them to come and find me, this is the last time someone messes with; me, Kristen Rivers.

The first guy pokes his head through the door frame, so I shout, "Oh no they found me! What ever shall I do!?! I'm trapped in the basement of all the places to hide!". I can't see because of the dark, but I think the guy has a smirk on his face as he yells, "Hey guys, I  found the little brat!". Brat? I'm an 21 year old for Pete's sake! I hear them coming down the stairs.

One of them taunts, "Oh where is the precious girl we so dearly hate.", while another taunts, "Where is the sweet little River?", and the third one taunts with the old saying 'Come out, come out, where ever you are'. I grip the tampering bar tighter turning my knuckles white. I take a few deep breathes and continue waiting. I scurry like a rat over some of the boxes and crates and break for the door.

I make it out of the basement but now have a new challenge; Getting past the guys at the door. I try a trick my friend Axe (no that's not his real name) taught me; I deepen my voice enough to sound like one of the guys down stairs and shout, "She's trying to get out the back door get her!". The guys at the front door run right by me. I rush to the front door only to be blocked by Darek,  the leader. "Where you going, Girlie?" he demands. "Out of my way!". He shakes his head no.

"Well then I'm going to fight you.". "You won't win. So don't even try.". I swing the tampering bar and it connects with his left forearm with a CRACK! Darek screams, "You b***h!". He tries to punch me with his good arm, but I dodge him. The others have finally stopped looking for me, but are looking at me. "Like what you see boys?" I ask not losing momentum. I give one final swing with the tampering  bar, hitting Darek in the legs. He goes down, and I look at the others. "Anyone else wanna go? No? Well then goodbye, and I will never be seeing you again.". 

I take off running and never looking back at the place I've been for three weeks. I wonder if anybody has been looking for me, someone has to have been, right? If Darek and his guys cross my path again...there will be...Hell to Pay.  I keep running until I reach the old junkyard, and I stop. I keep looking over my shoulder while I'm resting but see no one, so I begin walking.  

I practice with the tampering bar while I walk. I think to myself, 'No one kidnaps Kristen Rivers and gets away. Not even Darek and his crew. If anyone messes with me no...', I smile at the last part of the thought. First step is done, next step; Find my family.

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