Hell to Pay

This is a fanfiction of the TV show 'Supernatural'. I mean no copyright by using 'Sam Winchester' and 'Dean Winchester'.


14. Bobby's Place

Sam and I hear a knock at the door. I hear Sam mutter, "Shit.". Shaking my head I walk to the door and open it to find; Dean and Diamondis, great! I motion for them to come in and then shut the door.Diamondis screams, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU TWO! I COULD HEAR YOU FROM THE ROOM DEAN AND I ARE SHARING!". Sam and I give each other dirty looks, but say nothing. Dean orders, "Sit, both of you!". Sam and I sit on  the bed, fearful of our siblings.

"What I want to know is what the hell was that shouting was about!" Diamondis shouts at us again. I angrily say, "Sam's just being an ass. It's not your problem, Sis or yours Dean.". Sam gives me another dirty look and Diamondis glares at him. Diamondis says, "Kris, why the hell are you fighting with the guy you love? It's pure nonsense.". I can hear thunder rolling outside, then through the window I see a lightning flash and that it's raining.

Without saying anything I stand up and walk outside barefoot. I couldn't take it anymore. I walked out to the parking lot in the middle of the night and stood there. I don't notice Sam standing behind me until he says, "Kris, I'm-" but I cut him off by asking, "Why are we fighting, Sammy? Dean and Diamondis are right." He looks at me and says, "To hell they are. We've argued like this before haven't we?" I nod and he continues, "Dean doesn't realize what you mean to me. When I first came back from hell I didn't have a soul, but Dean and Castiel didn't give up on me and neither did you. What I'm trying to say is...do you forgive me for being ya know?".

I give him a half hearted laugh and say, "Yes, Samuel Winchester, I forgive you for being an ass.". Sam kisses me again. Sam walks me back to the room and I see Diamondis and Dean talking. Dean looks at us and says, "We'll stay for tonight, tomorrow we're hauling ass to Bobby's, no damn questions asked.". Sam, Diamondis and I nod. I slightly yawn, but fight it back.There is no way that I'm sleeping knowing that demons maybe lurking about. I yawn again, this time more loudly.

"Someone's sleepy, eh, Kris?" Dean asks jokingly. Sam says, "Leave her be, Dean. We're all tired.". I half nod, half yawn. Diamondis says, "Well I'm going back to the room, like Dean said, 'We have to haul ass to Bobby's tomorrow morning'.". I just barley nod as Diamondis and Dean leave. Once I know they're outta sight I collapse on the bed. Sam just starts laughing, which causes me to laugh. 

I take a quick shower, put on a Batman t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants and then collapse again on the bed. Sam lies next to me and says, "I think Dean and Diamondis are hiding something.". I want to ask what that secret maybe, but I end up drifting off to sleep, my head laying on Sam's chest. I wake up to the sound of an alarm clock and the sound of someone pounding on the door. I hear Sam get up, then I hear Diamondis say, "Time to go.".  I let out a small moan escape from my lips. Sam immediatley asks, "What's wrong, Kris?". I sit up and say, "The only problem I have is that we have to leave.". Sam laughs, and then says, "Come on, Kris.". I slowly get up, but I don't change into regualr clothes.

"Les go." I say after slinging my bags and Sam's over my shoulder. Dean stops me and asks, "Aren't you and Sam going to change?". Sam and I say, "No.". Once again I'm sitting in the passenger seat of the Charger. I drift off to sleep again, only to be awakened by Sam.

"What?" I ask, still half asleep. He says, "One, your were screaming like a banshee, and two, we're here at Bobby's.". I look around and see a bunch of stuff that you'd normally see in a Salvager's...well, salvage yard. I'm careful as I walk around some of the valuable things. I can hear Dean and Diamondis talking and laughing. Since I met my sister I have never heard her laugh.

Sam throws his arm out in front of me and says,  "Shh! I hear something.". Shakingly I ask, "A demon?". The response I get isn't from Dean or Sam, "No, my friend. Just an old man making some noises as he walks around his yard.".

"Bobby, how ya been?" Sam asks. Bobby says, "Doing good, Sam. Hey, Dean.". Dean nods, then Bobby asks, "Who are these pretty ladies? Sam, is this the same Kris that you brought to train last year? She looks different.". I can see Diamondis's face  turn red, so I say, "Bobby, this is my sister Diamondis...and we're um...we're both different.". Bobby gets ready to ask 'Why' , but Sam says, "Kris is half  archangel and Diamondis is half demon.". 

Bobby takes a few steps back, but keeps looking at Sam. I look at Sam too. Bobby shouts, "PANICK ROOM NOW!". I look again at Sam and he shakes hs head.Then I look at Diamondis, shit is she having a detox, now too? I instantly grab one of her arms, Sam grabs the other and we drag her to the panick room. 

Once we reach the panick room, I shove, Diamondis, Sam and myself inside. Dean follows, clearly concerned about Diamondis and concerned if I may or may not become a ticking time bomb. I take a deep breath and then scream, "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! I WANT ANSWERS!". I am shaking with the rage that has taken over. I think I actually scared Sam. Sam walks over to me and tries to hug me, but I back away. Sam tries again, and I back away again.

I shake my head and slide down the wall. Sam comes and sits next to me. I finally let down my defences and let him wrap his arms around me. What are we going to do? I can't believe what I just did. Whatever the reason, I know Diamondis, Dean and Sam are  there for me.

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