The First Day

15 year old Avery a deaf student, starts High School with hearing kids. When she meets Louis the school bully will he have a change of heart for the deaf or will his hatred get stronger?


1. Look at the weird girl!

Avery's POV

"Mom have you seen my hearing aid?" I signed. You see I'm deaf, yeah I can't hear a thing. Nothing.

"By your lunch" she replied. Both of my parents are deaf.

"I'll buy" I tell her.

"No hearing kids making fun of you just pack!" She basically screamed!

"Ok fine" I told her. And with that I left my house, with my lunch. As soon as I got outside I throw it out.

I texted my best friend Leigh.

"Heyyy!:)" send. With texting there's no confusion and no signing.

"Hey you ready first day at hearing Skool?!?"

"Def. My interpreter will be at the school after Homeroom will u help until she comes?!?"

"Yeah!! See u soon swyl!" Sign With you Later I don't talk! Don't judge!

15 Minutes Later

I walk up to the school. And look around that's how I figure out what's happening around me. Kids rush towards me that must mean the bell rang to go inside.

I find the office alone thank goodness!

I get out my phone and type

"Hello I'm Avery Halliegh. I'm deaf and need my schedule and locker number?"

The office lady smiled. And handed me some papers. I signed back thank you. Not realizing she was hearing.

Locker 222 2,32,26 easy combo. And I have all AP classes! Yes!!

I get my morning classes binder and close and lock my locker, and decide to find my Homeroom.

I walk in and see Leigh talking to some other kids she is hearing. I wave my hand to get her attention.

"Where do I sit" I sign

"Here" she replied pointing to a chair.

I sit down and Leigh introduces me to a short blonde girl,

"Allison this is Avery, she's deaf but don't worry she can read lips I'll interpret if you want to say something" she said while signing to me

Everyone was talking Allison said something I think it was "Look at the weird girl" everyone laughed except me and Leigh.

"What?" I asked

"Allison said your weird" Leigh told me

"Screw her" I said

And with that the bell rang I think and I was off into the wild with hearing kids...

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