The Poisoned Apple

My name is hope, I'm here to tell you a story of a girl who hurt herself cause people call her fat and who almost commit suicide cause of her childhood years

Enjoy it :)


1. introduction

Dear Diary

My name is hope, I'm 17 and my friends call me the "Diana" of the group because of my childhood that I went through.

I first met my Heroes at a meet and greet in town, me and my 5 sisters went to see them, as soon as we saw the boys, it was love at first. We went with different boys.

My mate Laura fell for Harry❤️

My mate Alyson fell for Niall❤️

My mate Sophie fell for Louis❤️

My Best friend Louise fell for Zayn❤️

I fell for Liam❤️

The boys said hey to us all, but liam saw my cuts on both of my arms and was sad, Niall went up to him and asked if he was okay

Liam started to cry, while looking at me, I backed off and started crying in the corner, where no one could see me.

Louise started to look for me with zayn right by her side, hand in hand, she asked me what was wrong and I said, that I might have upset liam because of the cuts on my arms, she and zayn picked me up and hugged telling me that everything was going to be okay :)

I went back with Louise and Zayn, to see the rest of the boys, even liam was waiting for me, they asked the guards if all of us could stay behind while they finished with the rest of fans that were waiting in a line.

After the meet and greet, the boys found me and the girls chilling in the park, talking about how romantic the boys were.

Introduction Finished 😘

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