Make It Or Break It

Amy rose is a high school girl, but not any high school girl. Amie's parents died in a tragic car accident when she thought her life couldn't get any worse her brother jackson died in the marines. She now lives in Utah Texas with her aunt margerette. She thinks the only way to get the feeling out of her is to cut run away. Amy runs away every night to clear her head, one night she is kid napped and is saved by a mistery guy who she thinks she will never see again.


4. texts

The next day I went to the police station and they said my house was done. So I spent the whole day cleaning up. I kept getting texts from this anonymous person. *hey babe whats up! Your looking real nice today! ;) I freaked out when I saw this. *babe? I don't even know you! I started panicking, is he watching me? He could kill me right now! *oh but you do know me, you just can't figure it out.* I started thinking of all my enemies, but I never had one. *can you just please leave me alone, or I will call the cops to trace your number!* He replied back. *okay I will leave you alone for now, but I will be back! I turned off my phone and ran downstairs and out the door as quickly as possible. I locked my door so he couldn't get in and hide in my closet or something. I started walking down the street to my friend Kristine's house. She wasn't home. Fine, I will just call I thought. I call her and she answers. "Hello?" She said,she sounded drunk,is she at a club?

"Kristine we need to talk! Like now!" I replied. "I'm kinda (giggles) busy...ya know at the moment." ( ;) ). "KRISTINE!.......fine you know what never mind!"

I get a text again by the anonymous man.

* someones friend to drunk to even help you?*

At that moment i was on fire. So I replied back.

*Shut the freak up! You don't know who your messing with!*

*No my dear, YOU don't know who your messing with!*

Before I could reply back he texts me again.

*Well I have to go tootles! Can't wait to watch you in the shower! JK....or am I?*

I was scared,afraid that my life could be over in a split second. I kept watch looking and trying to find someone. I got another text...I sighed a sigh of relief,it was Kristine.

*Hey you should come to the club.*

I thought about it uh...what the heck!

*Sure i will be there!*



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