A Dark Secret

Dean is perfect. His smile and personality, it's perfect.
The school is boring, until a day when Rebekka find the dark secret to the school and the pupils. She can't be with Dean. Will she break the law and stay with him, and will he break the law to be with her?


1. New

Everyone looked at me. I'm new. Everyone think it's fun to be new, but I hate it. I have moved alot, I can't even count how many times. "Say hi to the new girl," said the teacher. It was a few voices that said hi, but it was a small class. I smiled, to look like a nice girl. Not that I'm not, but I need to look like a good girl. "Be nice to her, and include her in everything you do," the teacher said, and smiled at me. Every teacher says be nice to the new, even if they don't mean it. It's just something they say to comfort the new one. It's obvious I'm new. But I'm used to it, so it's not special to me, like for someone else.

It was a small class I'd begun in. It couldn't be more than 10 or 15 pupils. It was a small place, but dad said I'll be in the biggest class at the school. I would have said it has most pupils, not that it is the biggest class, because it isn't big. So what, it's not important, I'm just used to big classes. Normaly we lives in towns and citys, so this is the first time I'm at the country. Not like a farm, but a small place, like in movies.

"You can sit down," said the teacher, and smiled. I smiled back, and said a little thanks. I saw the empty desk, and I supposed that's my place. I didn't ask as many new people did, because I've learned that the empty desk often is for the new one. The desk was empty, and it was next to a boy with brown hair and brown eyes. I've heard someone called him 'Popeye', but his eyes didn't pop. I don't know why they call him Popeye, but I'll ask later why.

I sat next to him. I took the bag on the chair, and looked on him. He didn't look like he was 15, he looked a little older. He had kind of a babyface, but looked around 17 or so. That's special.

I didn't get any books, so I really didn't know what to do. Sometimes the pupils looked at me, but that's normal. I'm new, you know. The boy they called Popeye looked at me too, but didn't talk to me.

The day was over, and I went to my closet. Suddenly I felt a breath in my neck. I really hate it, and I nearly hit Popeye. "Chill, I won't hurt you," Popeye said and laughed. I laughed too. "Yea, I'm sorry. I just hate when people breath in my neck," I said and looked at him. Actually, he was really cute to look at. "Yea, me too. But what I really wanted to say: Hi, my name is Dean. And what's your name, our teacher isn't good to present people. We usally don't need to do it, it's not many new people here," he said and smiled at me. It was a cute smile, actually, but I couldn't like someone one the first day!

"Hi Dean, my name is Rebekka. I know, she wasn't good to present me, it's obvious she hasn't present many new pupils," I said, and smiled at him. "Yes. Do you want to come to the club? We can meet at Walmart, and I can show you where the club are," he said and smiled. I smiled. "Yes, off course. When will I meet you?"."Yes, let's say 17:30, and we'll have good time. But if you can't, just send a message to me," Dean said and gave me a note with his number. "Ok, see ya then," I said and walked. I smiled at him, and I heard he said goodbye.

I came home, and the door was locked. It's very annoying, dad does the same mistake everytime we move to a new house. I really love dad, but sometimes he's more stupid than bread and sugar. He usally didn't lock the backdoor, but in this house we only had a frontdoor. I knocked at the door, and he opened. "Sweetie, how was your day?" he said and kissed my chin. I kissed him back and said: "Better than many others first day, I was invited to a club, so I need to go 17:25," I said and smiled at him. He smiled back, and hugged me. "That's fine, go when you need to. But be home before midnight!" he said and looked at me. "Always," I said and ran up the stairs to find an outfit.

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