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**Cautions, I originally wrote this agess ago in second person, but I changed it to first person.**
It's about a girl, Kara, who is immortal. She struggles to survive, and when she thinks she had stepped into a dream of her own- it was just a simple parallel universe, Adrian, is simply her lover and guardian- but she doesn't know it. She finds another Adrian- who apparently appears to be the same Adrian, and comes along with excitingly dangerous tasks along the way back to the actual universe she was currently supposed to be in.


2. "Personal invasions"

My dreams was my only escape universe. No one invaded it. Besides the evil demons I had created in them, but it was only for a little bit of action, you know? It wasn't personal. It was the only thing that still made me feel human. I was technically still human, I just don't die.  In my dream, I was in a peaceful forest. But that had all changed. My dream was more of a depressing dream of where I had lost my group in the past, trying to survive. 

The large, black crows were gathering in large flocks; it was only just because they felt the need to scream at me to frighten me. I couldn’t hear them for no longer than after five minutes, because all I heard was a loud ringing noise that seemed like it lasted forever in My ear. I realized my head suddenly began to spin, and my body slowly began to doze of as if I was going to faint again. But this time, I hoped I'd never wake up again. My own, filthy and muddy feat had been bleeding, but that didn’t stop me from giving up. No, not at all, the fact that the Crow master, Aragon, had sent other flocks to slaughter my two best friends, this was just cruelty on a whole new level. I had barely any energy left to hold my ground, I wasn’t afraid to die. I hadn’t had anything else to live for. I crouched down, and placed My hands over My ears, preventing the high-pitched squawking noise rattling in My ear any longer. All I had on was a grey vest top, and patchy denim jeans that were once brand new, and my honey brown hair had been all knotty, and it’ll take forever to fix if I gets out of the flock of crows alive. I had very little hope that I would even survive- So much for being optimistic. The smell of the Crows were unbearable, I couldn’t take the stench. Their breath was indescribable, it smelt like decaying flesh. The large, orange beak felt like a sharp blade whenever the Crows picked at me. I was only sixteen years old, and I had been a neglected teenager.  I closed my eyes tight shut, and realized I had been screaming. Screaming to save my life, and unfortunately i thought no one heard, until there was a loud gunshot noise, as if it came from a shotgun. I suddenly adjusted my eyes wide open, and half of the Crows were flying back from where they spawned from. Some stayed, but as someone, or something pulled the trigger again, the Crows finally got the message, and squawked their way back. Everything was silent; all I could hear was the golden, crispy leaves swaying helplessly along with the cold, freezing and bitter wind. I shuddered as I thought I felt something crawl up the hairs on my spine. I suddenly remembered the pen knife I had, and it had been somewhere on the ground, lying helplessly. I crawled on the floor, rummaging through the crispy leaves and scanning the area. I soon came to a halt, as my palm suddenly stopped upon a man’s trainer. It was a strange thing to walk in, considering it was the woods. But the shoes did look comfortable. I slowly glanced up. I didn’t know what to do. My guess was right that it was a man. He had, a broad muscular shape, and was surprisingly well-built. Most of the guys I had stopped by were travelers, country folk singers, or just drunken bandits. But this particular man was different. I felt a connection to him, but it wasn’t even in that way- or so I hoped.

      His eyes were an abnormal color for a human; it was amber, with a hint of a golden tone when the light shone up on them. His hair was a reddish-brown color, with a hint of golden blonde when it was revealed in sunlight, and it was too dark for his skin. His figure looked dark, full of evil secrets, mysterious. I gulped slowly, remembering I was on the ground on my hands and knees, I jumped back up again. The man was a head foot taller than me. That wasn’t surprising; I was a small teenager after all.  I gulped. The man held out his palm, revealing my small pen knife, which wasn’t at all too sharp, but it was sharp enough to slice through the Crow’s flesh. I hesitantly reached for it, but he enclosed it in his palm, and put it out of reach.


      ‘I’m Adrian, you must be Kara. I was sent to look for you, I heard about the… unfortunate news about your two allies, and I have come to return you home safe and sound’ He interrupted me, I blinked in surprise. It was going to be a week’s travel from where I was, and that was going to require hunting skills, as well as survival skills. I liked to survive in caverns, seeming as that was the best place to go. Crows were nesting up in those forest trees, and who knows what will be underground? I shuddered at that though.

      ‘Why should I come with you?’ I asked sternly, and curiously. I hadn’t been at all interrupted before, in times of danger. Although, no one actually spoke to me; and I hadn’t had any idea how to communicate with Adrian. My foster parents had been Elijah, and Rebekah, which was very odd as for they were the founders of the village I was bought up in when I had turned seven. Adrian narrowed his eyes and locked them on to me.

      ‘I’m meant to be your escort,’ He shrugged plainly. ‘Don’t worry, we can rest for tonight. You must tell me what happened from how your friends were…’ Adrian didn’t know how to put the fact that my two best friends were dead. I didn’t know what to say. It was all in a rush for me, and it went too quickly. And I hadn’t even camped that much on my journey, there were only a few resting stops. But Adrian is right after all, I was going to need it. I glanced at him, and raised my eyebrow studying his facial expression, and waiting for him to come out and say that it was a joke. And he hadn’t. Adrian must’ve really been sent here to get me back home. Adrian narrowed his amber-gold eyes at mine.

      ‘I know it must be a shock for you, due to the fact you’re on a mission. But it’s too dangerous to carry on your own,’ Adrian pleaded me, clasping his hands at the same time. His eyes were all puppy dog, making me feel utterly helpless, and I didn’t even know why. I folded my arms, and remembered how starving I had been. It wasn’t surprising how I felt sick, I had lost my two best allies, and had been starving for three days straight. I  sighed frustratingly, tilting my head upwards looking towards the grey, misty, freezing biting clouds up above me. The trees looked ancient, old, almost as if they belonged to witches. There were golden crispy leaves scattered on the floor, and not a single sign of greenery or brightly lit flowers- but it still looked magical in some way.

      ‘Fine, just stay out of my way- I can take care of myself,’ I snickered at him, as if I was a five year old again. Adrian chuckled slightly, as if it was too painful for him to.

      ‘Oh please princess, I saved your damn life.’ He replied coldly. That was true, but maybe he wanted to kill me. Mostly everyone did, because I had something valuable, and I didn’t even know why they wanted a locket. It was silver, and the charm was sculptured out of ice that doesn’t melt, which was extremely rare in that world- and it was a small love heart, saying ‘Kara’ engraved on it, and apparently my birth parents gave it to me when I was seven, before they had to leave. I suddenly blinked up at Adrian, realizing I was thinking of the past, I nodded slowly. Adrian’s jaw was tense; his eyes were glaring down at his clenched right hand, which held my pen knife. Adrian’s hand slowly opened, revealing the pen knife’s full appearance. His hand slowly moved on to mine as I took it, he folded the pen knife into my palm.

      ‘Keep it safe, it’s the only weapon you have.’ He started, waiting for me to protest. It was my weapon from the start, and he was acting like it was a gift. I didn’t know whether to trust Adrian, he was so mysterious, as if he was full of dark secrets; I didn’t know what to believe anymore. He gestured the clearest path way from the left, and I walked in front of Adrian.





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