Small People Probs

Okay, so i may have some anger issues and... i may have some small person probs, but lets just say that i can kill anyone who bothers me. I mean, i am a spy after all. And my next mission??? One Direction is in town and so is France's top agent. Let's just say that she wants to create chaos and what is the best way? idk, maybe killing an internationally loved boy band... Just a thought.


2. What A Nosy Spy

Sitting across from me in the limo, the boys are staring at me. I try to remember their names while i catalogue their personalities.

Niall is shooting me wide eyed looks of terror and occasionally muttering about being hungry. His blond hair and blue eyes make him look like an innocent little angel. It would be interesting to see if e could figure out how to use this to his advantage. I'm going to have to keep an eye out because that look of innocence would make him a great agent.

Liam is watching me with calculating eyes. It looks like he is trying to see how much of a threat i am to them. It reminds me of what a father does, makin sure his boys are in good hands. Whenever Niall grumbles about being hungry, he reassures the hungry boy by saying they can eat at home.

Zayn is sitting quietly in the corner, doodling on his arm with a sharpie. He has not said anything, but he seems to be open to accepting me into their group. He's the kind of person i would like to have as a friend because i usually need someone calm to ground my craziness.

Louis, the blue eyed boy, is sending me small looks of curiosity. He is not as scared as i thought he would be. I mean... I did threaten to kill him in multiple and very painful ways. He is massaging the shoulders of the curly haired boy next to him.

Harry, i think his name is, watches me through narrowed eyes. He completely ignores Louis, who is trying to calm The bits anger. The anger is obviously aimed at me.

The silence is tense, but i ignore it and pretend i don't feel it. One by one, the boys pull out their phones. When they start throwing glances at me and i have caught a few snall nods being exchanged, i know that they are texting each other about me. I would feel flattered but it looks mostly like Harry is ranting about me, judging by how fast his fingers are moving.

I reach towards my pocket quickly and all the boys tense up, probablly thinking i am about to kill them. I ignore this reaction, again, and pull out my phone. My phone is special made so that i am able to tune into any phone call or text messages in the area. I scroll through the list until i find the conversation i am looking for. Oh, goody, the boys are group messaging. Makes it alot easier on me.

HARRY- why the hell does Simon think a girl can help us? I mean, she is smaller than i am.

ZAYN- don't be mean, Harry, lets give her a chance. And stop with the glaring.

Harry turns the glare onto Zayn, shoots me one last look, and then glares at the phone instead. His fingers tap angrily as he replies.

HARRY- no way is this stuck up girl going to be bossing me around.

LOUIS- as long as she doesn't touch my carrots, i'm good.

NIALL- yeah, same with my food.

I let out a laugh when i read the last two. All their eyes shoot to me, startled at my sudden outburst and i hold back my laughter, turnin back to my phone. One by one, their suspicious eyes turn back to their phones too.

HARRY- it's like she knows we are talking about her. I mean, look at her face.

I watch in curiosity as the boys each shoot me subtle glances. Honestly, they are pretty good at it. One looks at me the. Looks away and, as soon as they look away, another one looks at me. They are really close, i guess. This is how me and Andrew work... I wish he was here.

LIAM- i don't think she is too much of a threat.

HARRY- just wait until she takes all the forks and hides them so that you have to use a spoon, Liam. And i bet she wouldn't think twice about eating all your food, Niall, or your carrots, Lou. And don't think your mirrors are safe either, Zayn, because they aren't.

As soon as the message is sent, Liam's expression slips into fear for a moment before he blinks it away. Niall's eyes water a little and he looks like he is about to cry. Louis looks horrified and sends Harry a look of panic. Zayn's hands fly to his hair in outrage, but when he sees me looking, he tries to pretend he only hand an itch on his forehead.

I give the boys and innocent smile, trying to put them at ease. Liam immediately relaxes, buying my innocent act.

When Niall sees Liam relax, he gives me a shy smile and discreatly wipes at his eyes.

Harry watches It all go down with a sour look as he knows my innocent act is a fake.

Zayn gives me a tiny smile, but then his face furrows into a frown. The threat of his mirrors in danger is still on his mind.

And Louis leans forward with his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hand, watching me with intense blue eyes. I think he is catching on that i am not as innocent as i look and it feels like he is trying to guess what i will do next and figure me out.

A snore interrupts my thoughts and i look over and see Niall falling asleep. I also lean back to rest, waiting until i can get out of this tension-filled car.

HARRY- ugh, moving on... I can't get that song out of my head, Teenage Dirtbag. Remember when we sang it at our last concert? I liked singing it, it was pretty cool.

OMG that is my song!!! Oh goodness... Did i just me tally agree with Harry in a conversation that i am not supposed to know about. Gosh, us spy's are nosy.

We pull up to a big blue house surrounded by a huge yard and wrought iron fence. I think it is there to keep the fans out.

We hop out of the car, me first and the boys following. I scan thw area with my eyes and my hands automatically go to my knife, which is strapped into my belt. My fingers play with the leather wrapped hilt as i survey all the possible hiding places before deciding it is safe.

I nod to the boys to signal it is safe and we head up to the house.

"What are you humming?" Louis asks me. I chuckle as i realize that i was humming. It's just something i do when i am thinking or nervous.

"Just a song i was reminded of a little while ago." Then i skip up the stairs to the door singing Teenage Dirtbag at the top of my lungs.

I swing open the door, taking one last look at the boy's, before i take off into the living room. Theur facial expressions are startled and kind of nervous. I laugh at them ad hop onto the couch, quickly passing out.

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