The Memories Of the Half Blood Prince

Moments from the life of Severus Snape, the Half Blood Prince


1. The Prince's Tale

I curled up in bed, pressing my hands over my ears. I didn't want to hear them any more. They didn't seem to care what I thought any more. All they cared about was themselves and their stupid shouting match. Voices still drifted upstairs even through my bedroom door.

"Leave then, why don't you? It's not like Severus and I-" his mum began, shrilly.

"You're forgetting, I think, exactly whose house this is. Last time I checked the house was in my name and therefore I have every right to remain here," his dad replied, his voice dangerously smooth and silky, as it became when he was angry. His mum's voice on the other hand had become more and more squeaky as time went by. She now seemed close to tears as she yelled incoherently.

Why couldn't they see how much I hated it? Couldn't they just shut up for one day? Their only son's birthday? The day hadn't been too bad at first. They had held hands and pretended, as usual that everything was OK and they were starting again, and had decided not to argue any more. They had brought me breakfast in bed and promised to go out for dinner. I even got a new broomstick ( not that I was any good at Quidditch, having had no practise) I was listening to a new Muggle MP3 player dad had got me when things began to go wrong. Mum told Dad that he was getting too many Muggle things, when Dad lost his termper. I wasn't sure, I didn't quite hear, but I think I heard Dad call Mum a freaky old cow. That's when I retreated upstairs.

Now, an hour later, I was still here, listening to them argue. There was no chance going out for dinner now. Good. I hadn't wanted to anyway. It usually ended with Mum getting her wand out to clear up some mess and Dad screaming at her for revealing herself, as if she had some dark dirty disease to hide.

I felt stifled all of a sudden. I couldn't stay here any more. I was going to go out somewhere. I had to. The park was only down the road. Why not? The girl might even be there.

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