What to do

Niall your boyfriend or you best friend Louis who has had a secret crush on you ever since you two met


1. I have to tell you something


"(Y/N)... Would you like pepperoni on you pizza?" Louis asked

"Ewww no"

"Fine then.... I'll just eat it"

He said with a cheeky smile on his face biting into one of the pieces of peppereroni.

I giggled,

"When do you think Niall will be back" I asked

" I don't know.. He's been along time I think we need to send a search party" he said laughing

"Hey have you talked to Eleanor in a while... She won't pick up my calls.."

"Ah yeah no... Not in a while"he said looking me straight in the eye

I fell silent. I have always loved Louis's eyes, they were so beautiful I wanted them for myself.

"(Y/N)... I have to tell you something.." He said looking serious

"Yeah what is it.... Are you pregnant??" I said laughing

"Oh your going down for that.. " he said picking up a handful of flour and chucking it at me

"Oh no you didn't!"

"Oh yes I did" he said poking his tongue at me

I grabbed a handful of cheese and threw it at him.. But of course I missed.

We ran around the kitchen throwing ingredients at each other.

"Loui your dead!" I yelled running after him.

"Come and catch me if you can!" He yelled back

We ran around the kitchen, laughing and yelling.

I was casing Louis but after a while Louis was chasing me. I was slow though so he caught me straight away.

He had me pinned up against the wall.

"So you had something to tell me" I said puffed but still laughing


"Well wha-"

I didn't get to finish because Louis was kissing me! Louis was kissing me!

I tried to push him off but his grip was to strong. I tried harder but he wouldn't budge.

"Honey I'm home" Niall walked in the door. He dropped the bags that he was carrying.

I finally pushed louis off of me.

"(Y/N)... What I had to tell you was well.... that I love you"

Then he let go of me and ran to the back door.


Niall was on the floor balling his eyes out.

"Niall I'm so sorry...." I said putting my arms around him

"Don't touch me.... just don't!"

He said pushing me off him and getting up and running to the front door.

"No Niall..." But he was already out side starting up his car

"Niall...." I said running after him

"Niall please let me explain..."

I was standing in front of his car not letting him drive

"What is there to explain...... You've broken my heart.."

I started crying as well.

"It wasn't me..... I didn't mean to...."

"(Y/N) please just move" he said wiping his tears away.

"No...." I said looking at the ground

"(Y/N)..." His face was all red and puffy from him crying

"I'm not moving....."

"Please..." He begged

" Niall please"

"No..... Just move..... (Y/N)...."

"Niall..." I was still crying

He fell silent

"It wasn't me..."

"Then who was it..... If it wasn't you then who was it.... Because you too look like you were having a pretty good time in there" he said

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