Best Friends Forever

It was dark and raspy night, the full moon shone through the window, without it the room would have been completely dark like the memories that happen in that every room. The window was shattered in pieces, the pieces were everywhere. The room is completely empty except for the single bed, with a bloody sheet. The room was where everything fell apart, where murder was committed. But instead both rested on the bed as death slipped in, .The two were BFFs but who could have guessed forever wasn't long.


5. Broken and Gone

~It’s ok~
“Honey, if you need anything just ask, okay?” Mrs. Mason asks

“Thank you” Samantha says with no beautiful tone in her voice. “May I be shown to my room?” Samantha asks.

“Nate, show Samantha to the spare room” Mrs. Mason demands Nate. He nods and makes his way up the stairs and down the hall is there a door with pale painting.

“This is your room, if you need anything or anyone, I’m a door away” He says, he stands patiently and then walks.

But before he enters his room, “thank you” Samantha’s voice played steady and soft. He nods and then closes his door. Samantha’s reality stroked her sooner than expected. This room isn’t her room, her room would be moved into and her life and memories will be someone else soon. A tear rolled down her pale chick to it fell to her lip, her tongued licked the salty liquid. More tears fell and all landed to the ground where she soon dropped in for a hug.

“Sam” A soft delicate voice called out through the wide open door and long a head was peaking. It was Daisy, “Are you alright, darling?” She asked but no reply was given. She came in while closing the door behind herself, she slide down the wall to ground where Sam was hugging. “It hurts, doesn’t it?” Daisy asks, “It feels terrifying, the people we expected to be strong end up being broken and gone. Your eyes hurt from the tears that outdraw but you cannot help yourself.”  She pauses for a moment to make sure her voice doesn’t crack. “But I can promise you, that’ll get better.”  She rubs Sam’s back.

“Everyone I love are living me alone, everyone I loved are disappearing!” Sam shouts as she cries. “disappearing” Sam repeats that word but less anger. She raises up and pushes her hair back.
“It sucks but we all live to die.” Daisy says.

“Indeed we die but most it be in the right way.” Sam says, Daisy strokes her hair.

“Sometimes our hearts tell us we can fly and our mind plays against it but the heart is stronger so we leap in and our wings  tear apart. Her beautiful delicate wings killed her but really killed her is reality with its sadness and pain.” Daisy sadly says with watery red eyes. “She believed she could fly don’t let her believes ruin, she may be flying above us, breathing in the cold air that warmth her heart. Do not let her fall” Daisy hugs Sam sideways as they both stare through the window, watching the sunset.

After hours of silence, the door creaked open and Nate stood there. “Dinner is ready” He whispered and left t door open as he walked away. Daisy and Sam stood up.
“I’ll be there in a minute.” Sam says Daisy nods and leaves. Sam walks to the window and stands there. “I believe in you, mum” She whispers to herself.

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