Cameron Dallas

This short story is about how one person can save you from your worst nightmare.


2. J's P.O.V

Things weren't quite the same after Cameron stopped showing up. I tried to find a different way to cope. After a while I got tired of the sleepless nights and the constant crying. I started to get really bad. I just wanted an escape. I've had a rough path and I needed numbness. The scars on my ribs were no longer enough. I went out to the store to by some new blades when I unexpectedly bumped into Cam.

"What a burden" laughs one of the guys. "The towns suicide is still alive? What happened, need a sharper knife?" said another. Cameron just stared with eyes full of sorrow. "Shut the fuck up assholes" he barked at his friends and shoved them inside the house.

At that point I knew the old Cameron was still there.

Yet for some reason, that made me feel even more alone.

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