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Taylor is just your typical 16 year old, until they move to a small town in Kentucky halfway through the school year. Shes used to the California sun and boys. Will she be able to adjust to the country? What will happen when she meets the towns hottest and most dangerous guy? Will she be able to fit in?


3. 1



 "Taylor, Kyle wake up, its time to go to the airport." My dad yelled to me and my twin brother Kyle. We live in California now, but we're moving to Kentucky.. After we pack our bags for the plane, we drive to the airport.

*4 hours later*

We arrive at our new house and watch the movers move everything into the house. I go upstairs and pick my room at the back of the house which has a bathroom  attached to it. "Why did we move here?" I hear Kyle say from behind me. "You know why Kyle." "C'mon kids, lets go check out the school that you'll be going to tomorrow." "I'm going to change first." I push Kyle out of my room and start going through the boxes of clothing i have. I decide on a pair of high waisted shorts and a tank top since its hot outside. I leave my hair in its natural waves and put on light make up. I walk downstairs and go out to the car where Kyle and my dad are waiting for me. We make it to the school in 5 minutes. Me and Kyle walk inside the school and my dad goes to the office. Theres a few students in the hallway but mostly its clear. The people that are in the hall stare when we walk by them. My dad catches up with us and tells us that we're just going to start today. He hands us our schedules and everything else we need. We go get our stuff from the car and walk back into the school. 

 We walk around the school for a while until I run into someone. The person, who I assume is a guy, wraps their arms around my waist and helps me back up. I look up and can't help but stare. "You should watch where you're going babe." He says and winks at me. His arms are still wrapped around me and i guess he notices and pulls away. "Thanks. I'm Taylor." I say and look up at him.  "I'm Jace. Are you new?" My brother nods beside me and then walks away. "I should probably go find my class now...." "I can bring you. We're in third hour now and we have it together..." He looks down at my schedule as he says that. I let him lead me to the class and we walk in together. We sit down in the back by his friends. 

The rest of the day goes by fast and nothing really happens until I go to my locker at the end of the day. A group of guys surround me. "Hey beautiful, where are you from?" One of them says. "Fuck off." They all start laughing at me. I turn around and start to open my locker when one of them slaps my ass. I ignore it until the biggest on grabs my waist and turns me around. He pushes me against the locker and leans into me. "I said fuck off." I try to push him away but he won't move. He leans in to kiss me when someone pulls him away from me and starts punching him. "Jace stop." I say and try to pull him away but he just pushes me away and I fall on the ground. He notices what he did and gets us and helps me up. "Shit Taylor, I'm so sorry." I push him away from me and start walking home. It starts to rain a few minutes into my walk. I make it home in 10 minutes soaking wet and go upstairs to change and do my homework until I fall asleep.


Let me know what you guys think of this.

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