My Journey as a Foreign Exchange Student

My name is Arianna Baileys, I am a foreign exchange student from Ireland. This is my journey to america and what happens day to day.


1. Monday March 3, 2014

The plane ride was pure Hell. 12 freaking hours of pain. My laptop died, as did my phone and I finished the 2 books that I brought with. I read fast. I'm in 6th grade, the lowest grade allowed for foreign exchange. The whole ride I was thinking, What if they don't like my accent? What if they hate me? What if I die on this plane? I guess that would be better than moving across the world. I left my best friend behind and my boyfriend who i had to break up with because of this fucking program. I don't even know these people who decided to let me stay at their house. That sucks.
Forward to today

First day of school. I wear my normal geeky attire. Nerd glasses,  Hipsta Please shirt, some skinny jeans, my lucky charm necklace,(replica of Niall Horan's) and my all-stars. Wow, did i look good for a fucking 12 hour plane ride and no sleep whatsoever. I get along with my new "family". There's Ryah, he's a year below me. Eden, 2 years above me. and Akira, she's in high school. I get along with Ryah the most because we like the same  things. Video games, Music, and we are pretty Athletic for people who stay inside with laptops and the lights off. I get on the bus next. I walked on the bus and sat in the middle, Ryah sat across from me. A couple stops later a girl comes and sits by me, she says her name is Anjleen. We talk and she asks a lot about England. I answer most of them. When I get to school Anjleen helps me with my locker and stuff. Then Xia my old best friend opens the locker next to me. We hug and stuff and she takes me to My homeroom and shows me to all my classes. We make it back just in time for Homeroom to start. By now, everyone is staring at me as me and Xia walk into the class room. This is the part i remember most about my day.
"Are you the new foreign exchange student?" The teacher asks. "Can you speak english?" 
"Yeah, of course I can." I say in my accent.
"Oh!" The teacher says "Your from Ireland?" 
"Yep." I say. 
"What town?" He asks.
"Mullingar." I say, yes the same town as Niall.
"What's it like in Ireland?" He asks. 
"Beautiful." I say. "Amazing country." 
"Your name?" He asks.
"Arianna Baileys." I answer.
Thats all I remember of monday

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