I wonder...

It's a world were all celebrities aren't celebrities! See how Ariana Grande manages her love life with her best friend Vanessa Hudgens (Vanessa also has some love problems too) helping her along the way but with the two mean kids at their college Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Justin Bieber it's going to be difficult (I'm sorry if I made one of your favorite celebrities' personality seem rude I just picked my favorite celebs and gave them roles)


1. Unexpected Visit

I wake up to aloud knock on the door. Really?!, I was having a perfect dream of having a boyfriend. I yell "be there in a minute!" And get up to put my long red hair in a ponytail. After noticing I'm still wearing my p.js I wrap myself in my purple robe and head downstairs. When I open my door I see my best friend Vanessa Hudgens. "Hey Ari!" She says, Ari is the nickname she gave me it's short for Ariana. I answer back "Hey V.V!" My nickname for her, "So what are you doing here?" I ask but not in a mean way. "I just wanted to know if you-" she stops abruptly, then asks "Why are you still in your pajamas?" I look down to see my robe a little open were my p.js are visible. "Oh yeah forgot I was still wearing them, come in, sit down, I'll be right back" I answer, then I close the door behind her and fast walk up the stairs. When I get too my room I close the door behind me then go straight to my closet. What do I wear? I'm pretty sure V.V was about to ask me to go somewhere, she loves to go places! So I just put on my tank top that says "never be silent", my black leggings, my Michael Kors skid wedges, and my vintage Chanel chain bag. And before I go I quickly put my hair in my signature half up half down hair style then I go downstairs. When V.V sees me she continues her previous question "Like I was saying, I wanted to know if you wanted to go to Austin's house with me." I groan why do I always have to go with her! Besides it's always awkward when I'm there so I say "new plan! Why don't me and you go shopping!" While I say this I use my jazz hands hoping she will agree when she answers "Fine" I was so relieved.

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