Darcy Evens lives in an orphanage her parents died when she was 4 she is now 13 she just gives up hope in finding a new family but will that change when she meets a certain blue eyed goofball?


6. best prank ever

Me and Hayes decided to have some fun after cheer tryouts (i got in) soooo, we pulled a prank...

Ok so we just got a ton of water in two buckets and then two buckets full of flour we went into the bath room and we found two people in different stalls then poured the water on them, we then dumped all the flour on them. They screamed really loud and we booked it down the hall, BUT, what i didnt realize was that my Dads and moms were here talking to my friends and just hanging out. Weirdos... So they saw me and Hayes run down the hall high fiving people as we ran, then you saw two people chasing us covered in water and flour. Niall stepped in front of me so i stopped i look over at Hayes and we see Nash stopping him. THEYY didnt know what was going on so when they saw me and hayes running they were soo confused, hilarious. Me and Hayes got lifted on peoples shoulders and they were so happy. They love us. BUTTTT they boys including magcon and our moms were soo  mad. Darcyyy? Louis asked Yess dear young Dad i love so much and i know would never yell at me. i said. The bell rang i looked at hayes and we sprinted away towards ..our gym class. while laughing...

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