Darcy Evens lives in an orphanage her parents died when she was 4 she is now 13 she just gives up hope in finding a new family but will that change when she meets a certain blue eyed goofball?


4. best plane ride ever

All the boys sat together and i was next to a stranger. Thanks guys love you to.

Someone walked up to me and sat down. i looked up from my phone and saw that i was sitting newt to THE HAYES GRIER AND MATT ESPINOSA!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!! Hello i said calmy wow surprising

Hello Hayes said whats ur name? matt asked Darcy i replied

im Hayes hayes said im matt matt said 

I know i replied shyly im trying everything not to faint scream or die i said

Well then okay matt said and started to text someone.

so i talked to Hayes

Why were you in London?

Magcon he said

oh i replied

he took my phone typed in it and gave it back

i looked at my phone and saw that Sexay Thang was added i laughed

soo where are you going 

tennesse, im accuallay ur neihgboor

YESSSSSSS he yelled 

every one turned to look at him and i mean everyone including dad and my uncles did and all the magcon boys were there and winked at hayes

we were laughing soo hard the looks people gave us were soo funny 

me and hayes spent the rest of the flight talking and getting lots of wierd stares from people it was so funny 

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