By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


18. 15. What the hell happened?

Chapter 15 - What the hell happened?

Tessa woke up with a horrible headache. What the fuck happened last night? When Tessa tried to move around in the bed she froze. Something was holding her down - or rather someone. Tessa felt the mystery persons grip around her waist tighten and she was slowly pulled backwards - closer to what she now could tell was a shirtless him. Tessa was afraid to turn around and face the guy, but luckily she was sure of him being asleep, since she felt him slowly breathing.


„I loooove this song, please dance with me,” Tessa begged and dragged Harry out on the dance floor. Zayn, or should she say DJ Malik, had just changed the song to a Rihanna classic and the few people left were enjoying the party. Harry securely put his hands on her hips which made her heart flutter. „I like dancing with you,” she whispered in his ears as she put her arms around his neck thinking about their earlier kisses. This just made Harry smirk and pull her even closer to him. He suddenly spun her around and pulled her back - so she danced with her back against him. Harry found it hard to focus on anything else than her body pressed against his. He forgot about everybody else in the room and slowly moved his lips down to her neck. His lips lightly brushed against her neck before he started sucking on it - he was drunk and turned on, so he felt the need to mark his territory. Tessa was his, and only his. A silent moan slipped through Tessa’s lips and she started moving her hips against him, which caused Harry to smirk once again. The grinding stopped sooner than Harry had wanted it too - but he couldn’t ignore the tap on his shoulder. „Dude I think you guys so stop this or get a room or something,” Louis slurred. Harry watched him confused. „It’s only for your own good - we wouldn’t want some drunkass to post a picture of you guys online - it would be in the tabloids tomorrow,” Liam continued as always the reasonable one. „Good thinking lads,” Harry replied and sent Tessa a smile before whispering something in her ear. Tessa just giggled and let him drag her up the stairs ignoring the wolf whistles from the living room.

The flashback hit Tessa with all the emotions from last night. She remember the way Harry’s fingers felt caressing her skin and how his lips felt against hers - but had they really spend the night together? She didn’t remember. Tessa was torn - she couldn’t decide if she hoped it was just some random guy or Harry. She was scared to turn around and face him, and she was scared of being hurt again. A part of her hoped she had just slept with some random guy and there had been no feeling involved - but she knew this probably wasn’t the truth. The guy holding her in his sleep was probably Harry Styles himself. She tried to calm herself and of course she wasn’t sure anything had happened, but she remembered how much she wanted him last night - and now she was only wearing her panties and a t-shirt, which meant Tessa somehow, had gotten out of her dress, probably with help from the guy besides her.

Tessa’s bladder made it impossible for her to stay in bed any longer so when she had finally gathered the courage, she gently got a hold of the arm around her and moved it. She felt the person behind her stir - but fortunately there were no signs of him waking up. When Tessa slowly got up she tiptoed towards the door and stopped right before reaching it. She turned around, holding her breath, and as she had expected a head of brown curly hair was spread out on her pillow. It was indeed Harry. When she closed the door behind her it made a creaking sound, which she hoped went unnoticed by the man in her bed. She then went to the bathroom and later she headed to the kitchen looking for a glass of water and aspirin - it ought to help with the hangover.

Harry was lying in Tessa’s bed feeling more than slightly confused. He had woken up the minute he felt the warmth from Tessa’s body leave his, and now he was just staring at the celling. He remembered everything from last night about how Tessa and him had been dancing, and then had gone to her room where they had made out quite heatedly, but both agreed on stopping before something either of them would regret happened. Harry had only been able to control himself because of his feelings for Tessa. He really liked her and he didn’t want her to think this was some one night thing - or even worse that Harry had been taken advantage of her. That was why he had put his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him before falling asleep. He had felt genuine happy whispering sweet words in her ears as he listened to her slow breathing, but no he just felt… weirdly empty. What if Tessa was just drunk last night and didn’t feel the same about him, as he did about her? Or what if she didn’t even remember kissing him? Perhaps she just thought Harry had crashed in her room and nothing had happened. But she had to notice that she was wearing his t-shirt, didn’t she? He just laid there consumed in all his thoughts about the most amazing woman he had ever met, and suddenly he felt scared - scared of putting himself out there and the emotions not being returned. This would even ruin their friendship.  But Harry knew he had to know, so he started putting together a plan to try and get Tessa to reveal her feelings towards him without being to forward. He was just not quite sure how to do it - he made need some help from an expert.

Tessa was standing in the kitchen while observing the contents of the fridge. She wasn’t sure what to get since she felt hungry - but because of the hangover didn’t feel like eating. She was considering just drinking a coke when someone cleared his throat. Tessa tensed up at the thought of it being Harry - she took a deep breath and slowly closed the fridge. „Well well well Niall, isn’t this the girl who’s surprisingly fond of PDA?” Louis asked and wriggled his eyebrows. This made Niall crack up laughing while almost chocking on a granola bar. „I have no idea what you guys a talking about,” Tessa said denying everything - even though she knew they had seen Harry and her dancing. „How is our little Hazza feeling today, perhaps a little worn out?” Niall asked and winked at her, which made her blush. „How would I know?” She asked and avoided any eye contact with the guys. „Well first of all you are wearing his shirt and only his shirt,” Louis pointed out, which made Tessa’s face an even deeper shade of red - since she hadn’t noticed this before. „And secondly we couldn’t avoid hearing the moans from you room last night,” Louis lied. „You what?” Tessa asked shocked. The boys both contained a straight face while nodding. „Nothing happened - I’m almost certain nothing happened,” Tessa said mostly to herself - she would have remembered sleeping with Harry… Wouldn’t she? „You don’t know if you slept with him?” Niall chuckled. „Honestly I’m not really sure what happened last night - I mean I remember us dancing… and kissing... But then it all goes black. But he’s up in my room sleeping right now,” she nervously replied. She didn’t want them to think any less of her - she wasn’t easy but she indeed had been really drunk. „Don’t worry babe, if anything had happened last night you wouldn’t doubt it - trust us, you would still be sore,” Louis teased and Tessa’s face once again felt like it was on fire. She quickly grabbed a coke before heading into the living room; leaving to hysterical boys behind her. 

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