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Twin 19 year old sisters Ellie and Samantha, got a chance of i lifetime. They won the X Factor and got signed by Simon Cowell. On their first day in Syco Records they got to meet other stars, but Simon choose the one and only One Direction to introduce them to the people they will ve working with and show the around their new home town. Will two small town girls find love and happyness in London? Or will they crash and fail in becoming the next big thing? Only time will tell.


2. Hello London!

Ellies P.O.V.

When the plane hit the ground that's when Sam woke up luckily not smudging her make up. "Morning sunshine." I smiled and she just nodded, we grabbed all our stuff and got off the plane, when we walked into the airport there was a man waiting for us, he escorted us to get our suitcases after that we walked into the airport and i was taken back a bit by the amount of our fans that were there. We took as many photos as we could and signed some autographs but we had to go to the management. When we got outside there were even more people. Even though I had seen that on t.v. it still shocked me, it will definitely  take some getting use to. The man led us to the limo, we sat in the back and he went to the passenger seat. We were silent just taking in London through the windows.

When we walked trough the double doors in the management there was a bit of a fuss in the lobby, but not too distracting. The security asked who we were and the man who took us here answer for us. After we got into an elevator and we went to the 20th floor. There were huge windows in the hall and the view was extraordinary. The man took us to Simons office, which was empty, and left us there. We sat down on the couch still in silence. After about 5 minutes Simon walked in with a huge grin on his face. He greeted us with hugs and 'how you are's we answer and then he went to business. "So girls. We are gonna go to the studio hear you sing and in your sound hasn't changed we will sign you." He said in a cherry voice. I couldn't contain myself from happiness so i shrieked. Simon and Sam just laughed and then Simon led us to the recording booth. We already knew what to do in a recording booth so we just put on the headphones and waited for the song to star. I closed my eyes and Let Me Go by Avril Lavigne started playing, it was our winner single. I knew the words by heart, so when the first line came my voice filled the booth, it was the best feeling in the world. In chorus Sams' voice joined mine and it was like riding on a rainbow, after the chorus it was Sams' part so I shut my mouth and opened my eyes. Simon looked satisfied and the ones working with the sounds and voices looked blown away.

After we finished the song we walked out of the booth Simon walked to us and with a smile on his face said "Can you start tomorrow?" Sam and I were doing our happy dance and everyone around us were laughing. The producer stood up and came to us "Your are one of the rarest, you have such pure voices it's amazing that you haven't been signed yet." We shook hands with him and followed Simon back to his office, he pulled out two contract. "You had them ready?" I smirked. "I knew you wouldn't disappoint me." He smiled and gave us pens to sign on the papers to have a full deal in UK and a joint U.S. deal with Columbia Records. "Welcome to SYCO, Flower Girls." he announced happily and pulled us into a hug. After he let us go there was a knock on the door. "Come in." Simon said with a grin. The door opened and walked in...


So hope you like the chapter, i know it's kind of short, but i have a lot on work at school, and my best friends nan died so she was staying with me 'cause her parents are away and she was really devastated. 


Joelle. <3

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