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Twin 19 year old sisters Ellie and Samantha, got a chance of i lifetime. They won the X Factor and got signed by Simon Cowell. On their first day in Syco Records they got to meet other stars, but Simon choose the one and only One Direction to introduce them to the people they will ve working with and show the around their new home town. Will two small town girls find love and happyness in London? Or will they crash and fail in becoming the next big thing? Only time will tell.


1. 1st place!

Ellies P.O.V


"And in the first place the..." My head started pounding and it felt like I had lost my hearing. All I was thinking about was 'Would dad be proud?' Sam squeezed my hand and smiled softly. "The winners are Flower Girl!"

Sam must have jumped 10 ft of the ground when she heard that. I was in such deep shock that I couldn't move. Taylor who was the runner-up came up and gave me a hug and kissed my cheek and whispered in his low tone "Shut your mouth flies will get in" that made me laugh and friendly smack his hand. I turned around and hugged Simon since he was our mentor through these past couple months and Sam joined us.

The next day we were sitting in Simons office. "Good job girls. It will be nice seeing you join our team in June." He smiled. "Wait?! June?! But that is just a month away!" I screamed happily. You see it meant that in a month me and Sam would be moving to London. "We would move you tomorrow, but we have to get your penthouse ready and move all your stuff there. So you are actually coming in three and a half weeks 'cause your flat will getting the finishing touches and they need both of your input of decorating." He gave me a half hug and went back to sitting on the couch in his office.

~~~~~~3 weeks later~~~~~~

I was sitting in the kitchenette of our rundown flat thinking of how everything had changed. In the past couple of months, Sam and I had lived on our own since we were fifteen when our mom overdosed. We never had a good life. Our dad was shot when we were nine that's when mom got in to drugs, as a way of not thinking. I was surprised she even lived those six years 'cause the first two months nothing changed after those everything went downhill, that is why we live in a one room flat. We don't have any stuff because our mom sold it all for money when she lost her job, before auditioning for The X Factor I was thinking of how me and Sam were going to afford college. We barely had money to finish high-school. and now in less than two days we are flying off to London to start our career and something I never thought would be possible. Sam came trough the door with two leopard print suitcases one blue, the other was pink. Mine was of course blue. Since we didn't have many clothes Sam went shopping for us. Even though were not identical twins fashion was something we agreed on. I didn't even bother looking at the new clothing 'cause I knew I'd like it anyways. "Want some tea and toast?" I asked Sam when she closed the flat door. "Sure." I poured her some tea we chatted about how our days went, she was all day shopping and I was gathering any stuff that is lying the flat that hasn't been sold or smashed. After we pulled our laptop and watched a movie, half way trough the movie we were both yawning so we decided going to sleep because we had to get up early to go to the airport cause our flight was at 12 am and we had to be at the recording studio at 2 pm. And we both liked to sleep in. 


Sams P.O.V

I couldn't sleep and was awake at 6 am as we had to leave at 10 am so I had to wake Ellie at 8 am. I finished packing and went for a shower. I turned the shower on mildly hot and got in. The water was refreshing om skin, in made some of the tension go away. I ran my hand through my strawberry blond, shoulder length hair and smoothed it out, then slid it down my arm my fair tan had washed out and i was almost as pale as snow though not as pale as Ellie. I got out of the shower and it was half pas seven. I dried my body, the blow dried my hair and left it straight as is it. I was happy that my hair had natural volume and didn't look flat on my head, i got dressed in a black, leather skater skirt, white "Jack Daniels" crop shirt and black Converse high top. For make-up I made smokey eyes, and mascara. I walked in to Ellie's room and woke her up while she went to the shower i checked on thing like passport, airplane tickets and numbers for when we get there.

Ellies P.O.V.

When Sam woke me up i picked an outfit and went to the shower. The water was heated 'Thank you Sam' I thought to myself. Turned the shower on mildly hot and got in. My head was empty of thought at least once so i enjoyed it. I washed my dark chocolate brown, waist long hair and continued washing my body. I look at my hair and extremely fair complexion I looked like Lily Collins in movie "Mirror Mirror". I got out of the shower and dried my body wrapping my hair in a towel. I got dressed in light blue, ripped boyfriend jeans, tight navy blue tank top, tied blue flannel checked shirt around my waist and put on my ankle high, blue wedges. Then i blow dried my hair and left it naturally wavy, put on light eye shadow, winged eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick and got out of the bathroom. Sam had made breakfast scrambled eggs with bacon and toast accompanied by a glass of orange juice. "Have I ever told you that you are the best sister in the world?" I asked while sitting down at the table. She just shrugged while giggling and continued eating. After breakfast it was almost 10 am so we left a note for the landlord saying thanks and money for last months rent, grabbed our suitcases, said goodbye to the flat and left with smiles plastered on our faces. 

When we got to the airport it was 11 am, there was a traffic jam because of a car accident, so the check-in had already started, the plane was boarding in thirty minutes. We went in line for first class, there was only one person before us in the line. When we checked-in and gave our bags and were left only with the carry on. Even though they were almost empty, Sam had her black Michael Kors tote bag and I had my Michael Kors large Selma messenger bag. I was carrying a couple of book my iPhone 5S (I was saving for it for a lifetime) our laptop, my song book and some make-up, Sam had magazines, her Samsung Galaxy S4 (also lifetime of saving) and her drawing pad. When we got trough security we went to wait in first class lounge for the half hour that was left. When they started boarding the plane we were first in our seats so i put in my earphones and put on an album by One Direction "Take me home". Sam dozed moments after we took of, guess she didn't get too much sleep last night. I looked out the window for a couple of minutes the took out the laptop and decided to watch a movie to spend the hour and a half, so i watched "Mirror mirror" it's one of my favorites. The movie ended just as we started to land.



Hey guys. So this is my first fan fiction ever so don't be too cruel, but i love good criticism. 


Joelle. <3

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