The Bartender

The bar is just down the street. I will go there.


1. The breakup

Luke's POV

"Haily?" I said as I walked in the house. I walked to our bedroom and heard moaning. 'No, she wouldn't cheat on me' I thought. I opened the door to see her and some other guy naked in our, we'll technically my, bed. It is my house so. Ya know. Anyway, I felt anger flash through me as I slammed the door shut. She cheated on me. She fucking cheated on me. Fuck her then. I wanted to walk somewhere where I could calm down. There is a bar down the street. I'll go there. We'll it like a bar/ club. I walked until I found it and walked in and heard loud music playing. I saw a girl at the bar talking on the phone. She wasn't like any girl I had seen before. She was gorgeous. She had long blonde hair. And I think blue eyes. I couldn't really see. She had on a black jacket, black shirt, at least I think it was a shirt, and black shorts. I walked and sat down as she hung up on whoever it was. I guess she could tell I was mad because she asked what's wrong. "It complicated" I said. "I think I can figure it out" she said with a smile was perfect. She was perfect. "I walked in on my girlfriend having sex with some other dude" I said trying to hold the tears back. "What the fu- why?!" She half asked and half yelled. "I don't know, I guess she didn't want me anymore" I said letting a few tears slip. I felt a pair of small arms wrap around my side when I realized she had came around and sat next to me. I willingly took her sympathy and cried in to her shoulder. When I sat back up strait she used her thumb to wipe away my tears. "Don't cry, you'll find someone better," she said. "You got a lot going for you, the Australian accent, the lip ring, and your pretty cute" she said, making me blush. "Thanks" I said. " my name's Luke by the way," I said. "Nikki, my real name is Nichole but most people call me Nikki" she said. I smiled and she did to. "Omg I love your dimples!" She yelled squeezing my cheek. "Hey!" I said laughing. "We'll, that another thing you got going for ya" she said in a weird tone. "Haha" I said sarcastically. "Lukey!" I heard Haily yell. You have got to be fucking kidding me. "Who lis that?" Nikki asked. "The girl I told you about" I said angrily. She gave me a are-you-fucking-kidding me look. I shook my head. "Where have you been?" She said.

Nikki's POV

Oh this is gonna be interesting. "Who the hell are you?" She said in a preppy tone. "Your mom" I said sarcastically. "Whatever, bitch" she said. Oh no she did not. I stood up and slapped across the face. She looked surprised and so did Luke. She tried to hit me but I grabbed her hand and twisted it behind her back. She screamed in pain. I let go and she ran out crying. Luke have me a holy-shit-what-the-fuck-just-happened look. "Sorry, but no one calls me a bitch" I said. "Damn, That was intense" he said and I laughed. "I've done worse, trust me," I said laughing as I walked back behind the bar. "Wanna come back here with me?" I said, we'll asked. "Sure" he said and walked back with me. I sat on the counter and he did too. "I'm bored," he whined after about 10 mins of talking. "Me too" I said.

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