A Dream That Came True!

A girl called Ella keeps having random dreams about One Direction, but shes not even a fan. Could it be a sign?


1. Dreams.

Opening his arms widely to greet me with a hug, Louis walked up to me with a smile on his face. When he reached me he pulled me into a tight hug, so tight i could hardly breath. When he noticed me struggling for breath, he let go. I was then greeted by a topless Niall, Zayn looking in a mirror, Liam running and then finally Harry who was chasing Liam with a spoon. I laughed and walked into their changing room. Suddenly i woke up. I had yet another dream that involved One Direction. I dont know why though, im not a particularly big fan, but my little sister is so maybe thats why. Anyway im Ella, im 19 and live in London. I aspire to be a teacher because im very intelligent and great with children. I live on my own, but not to far from my family so i see them all the time. But these dreams are really doing my head in, ive had them for 2 weeks now. Oh well, probably nothing, just the fact that my 10 year old little sister is completely obsessed with the One Direction boys. It was her birthday today, and i had brought her concert and meet and great tickets. Unfortunately, id have to go with her, but ive heard that they put on a good show. I quickly jumped out of bed and into the shower. I washed myself and my hair and then got out, dried myself and got dressed. I was only going to my parents, so i only wore some jeans, my jack wills t-shirt and some converse. Eventually i arrived at my parents. I parked my car and then walked into their house. I was greeted by piercing screams. I walked in to find my parents living room covered with One Directin things from posters to mugs, books, dvds, perfumes and she was now screaming over a pretty cool One Direction t-shirt.

"Oh, its a shame i wont have a really special place to wear it to so i can show it off." My sister said sounding disappointed.

"Excuse me, how do you know, you haven't opened my present yet!" I replied chuckling.

"Well i doubt its going to be One Direction tickets, or even meet and greets. Oh my god imagine if i got those, i don't know what id do, id probably faint or cry." My sister said getting worked up. By the way, her name is Rebecca.

"Just shut up and open it." I said laughing and sitting down next to her. I handed her the envelope and she gave me a confused look. She ripped the envelope open to reveal the concert tickets, she opened them up to read the description written on them and the meet and greet tickets fell out too. Once she had read them and noticed what they were she screamed at the top of her lungs!

"Oh my god thank you so much Ella!!!" She screamed. She jumped on top of me and started crying. Once all of the crying and screaming was over me and my mum went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

"Mum, i had another dream about One Direction last night. Its really getting on my nerves now, no matter what i do, i always seem to have a dream!" I told my mum.

"Really? You don't think its a sign do you?" My mum replied.

"Yeah right, and anyway, a sign about what?" I laughed and asked my mum.

"Hmm, i don't know, could be anything, but its a little strange dont you think?" My mum questioned. I started thinking. What if it was? No it cant be, i bet loads of girls have dreams about them. Im just over thinking!

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