Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


20. Damaged



Me and Niall reached my dorm room and I unlocked the door but it was already unlocked so I opened it. I notice Charlie was here with Louis. Both of them were laying down watching a movie.

"Oh hey." say Louis, "so I got a text saying Niall was taken by a squirrel." Niall glared at me because of that text. 

"What were you two doing while you were gone." Charlie asked.

"I left to get ice cream with Niall." I say.

"You mean like a date?"

"Yeah sort of, it was just mostly me picking on him." I nod. 

Niall went over to my bed to lay down while I pull out a pencil and my assignment that is due next week. Wait it's due next week, I might just take some school work off my hands and have a little fun. I put the paper back where is belonged and scooted Niall to make room on the bed. Niall's head kept getting in the way of my view of the tv. "Move your head I can't see." Niall smirked at me then shifted his body to where his whole frame in front of me. I swat at his back a couple times till he move to the other end of the bed, now his smelly feet is in front of my face.

"Stop getting in my way." I whispered. 

"Hey just lighten up." he mocked me.

His unintentional ways make me wanna scream at him. I push his feet away from me and put mine on him as a foot rest. Niall closed his eyes while I focus on the screen. I was watching Titantic, I'm at the part where Rose and Jack are trapped and the boat is flooding. I deeply love this movie.

Quite romantic to have a relationship like them. Wouldn't leave a second without each other but eventually someone would need some space. I notice Louis rolled his eyes whenever some dies from the boat sinking. An unexpecting chill went down my back when Niall pulled the duvet over him. I hope he realizes that he isn't sleeping here.

Charlie run her fingers through Louis' hair to get tiny knots out of his hair. Louis swat her arm away and fixed it himself. I sigh to myself, I don't really have much to do or anything at all. Niall slept through his hours on my bed, Charlie takes her time getting ready for a gathering with her friends and I'm here going through my make-up that I plan to put on Niall while he sleeps. He twitched a little when I applied blush that matched his skin tone. His eyelashes fluttered but stayed closed, it's actually a beautiful to watch someone sleep, it was really cute how Niall sleeps. All cozy under the duvet, rosy cheeks were getting much more of a pink shade. 

Niall's features soften a lot more than when he's awake. I added a light shade of purple eyeshadow to his eyelids. Niall pinched the bridge of his nose and was close to sneezing. I grabbed a tissue and wiped away the extra cosmetics that I added. I searched around the room for lip gloss and nail polish that I use after applying lip gloss. There were three bottles of nail polish, black, purple and a clear one with glitter. 

After an hour of doing Niall's nails and letting them dry he finally wakes up. I grabbed my phone and hurried to Charlie's bed and act like I was texting someone before he looks up at me. With all the make-up on him it was a little hard not to laugh. He rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands which made the eyeshadow smudge. 

"What time is it?" Niall asked.

"5 O'clock."

"Oh, do you mind if I use your shower?"

"Go ahead." I shook my head.

Niall pushed the duvet off of him and tug at his shirt. He opened the bathroom door and I stared at the blank screen of my phone.

"Cassidy!" Niall yelled. 

I started to laugh when he storms to the bed holding up his hands. He pointed to his face and tighten his teeth, I saw a few veins pop out on the side of his neck.

"Damn it Cassidy, did you do this? When I get out of the shower you are getting rid of this girly shit off my finger nails." 

"Okay." I laughed.

"Fuck!" Niall left to go start his shower.

Once the door closed I went by it to lock it, I thought it was kind of stupid to put locks on the outside but sometimes it can come in handy. I stayed by the door waiting for him to get out of the shower and realize he is locked in the bathroom. That's what he gets for saying I'm gonna suffer in a closet. 

The sound of the water hitting the base of the shower stopped, Niall's groggy voice was heard on the other side of the door. I covered my mouth with my hand when he turns the knob and pulls but doesn't budge. He tried again and I didn't give in to open the door for him. Niall give the door a few bangs before yelling.

"Cassidy open the god damn door, I'm tired of your shit that you're doing to me. Open the door, Now!" I rolled my eyes and unlocked the door. Niall stood there with just a towel on his lower half of his large frame. The make-up came off of him but the nail polish was still there. I gave him a innocent look as if I didn't do anything wrong to him. Niall brushed pass me and sat on my bed waiting for me to get the supplies to get the nail polish off of his finger nails. He didn't say a word about moments ago. A sponge was dipped into polish removal that I used to clear the colors off Niall's nails. I can tell Niall is trying his very best to stay calm and not burst into flames to yell at me again. 

"Just to let you know you did look cute." I stayed focus on scraping the polish off, "if I was a guy I would date you." I scrubbed his fingers with soap and water.

"Well I'm not cute." Niall blunted.

"Yeah you are I mean you have rosy cheeks and that smirk you give me sometimes. Your eyes are really pretty too, it's blue."

Niall is actually a really attractive guy and he doesn't think so. I wonder how many girlfriends he had with that face. His eye color was a beautiful shade of blue. A few freckles sprinkled his cheeks, he was so cute. Niall had a really adorable but contagious smile. "Are you done yet. You been cleaning my index finger for five minutes." Niall said, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Oh yeah, give me your hand."

I got more polish removal onto the sponge and wiped it on his nails. This moment is awkward it's almost like giving a guy a manicure but instead you are taking nail polish off the nails. Niall pulled his hand back when I accidentally put polish removal on a sore cut on his finger. "Sorry it's gonna sting, how did you get these cuts anyway?" I turn his hand around to observe the small cuts and marks, "do you cut yourself like in suicide? Is it stress or depression that you are suffering from?" I looked up at but he didn't say something. "Niall answer me."

"Parties I got them from parties." I heard him huff and puff. 

"You mean like fights?" Niall nod.

"Does anybody know about this?" He shook his head, I analyze his fingers again. I stopped asking question and continued scraping his fingers. 


"There I'm finished." 

"Finally, took you long enough. Promise me you won't do that again."

"Sure." I put the nail supplies away, "oh and just so you know I took a picture of you when you were sleeping." I laughed.

"Why the hell would you do that? Give me your phone I'm gonna delete." 

Niall got off my bed and went towards me and gripped my wrist. He tried reaching for my phone but I put it in my back pocket and sat down on the bed. Niall pushed me a few times till I'm lying on my stomach. I know that now he doesn't want to get my phone from my back pocket, boys are always insecure about that. I rolled over to my back and threw a pillow at Niall. I started to laugh when it hit him. 

Niall moved closer to me with the same pillow I threw at him in his hand. Once again he starts to threaten me if I don't delete the picture. To tell the truth I didn't take a picture of him but I should've. As Niall got even closer I started kicking, he moved the pillow for a shield. 

"Are you gonna fight back?" I laughed, still kicking him.

Before I knew it Niall picked me up from the bed and act like he handcuffed my hands behind my back. Hot breath showered the side of my neck. I couldn't help but smile when his free hand put my hair behind my ear. He chuckles when he sees me shiver under his touch at the nape of my neck. Niall's long fingers trickled down my back, goosebumps were rising at my skin. I felt that his lips were only centimeters away from my jawline. The palm of his hand skim down my arm. 

I heard Niall laughing behind me, "you like that didn't you?" I shook my head. "Don't lie I know you did just admit it." 

"Fine I did." A smile tugged at his lips.

Niall let go of both my hands and turn me around to face him. It felt a lot different seeing him, just forgetting that he had a few tattoos. He seemed like a different person when he touched me. I sigh. I bit the bottom lip of my mouth between my teeth. Niall was holding out his hand for me to give him my phone. I told him that I lied about taking a picture of him then he said I was hell of a good liar. I chuckled at his saying before picking something out for school tomorrow.

"Are you gonna stay over the night or just leave when Charlie gets here?" I asked, lifting my shirt over my head.

"Well I doubt Charlie will be back and it's pitch black outside to walk to my dorm I guess I will sleep here."

I took my tank top off so I was just wearing a bra and my trousers. At the corner of my eye I notice Niall was eyeing me but I ignored him. My trousers slid down to my ankles and I stepped out of them. At this moment I'm almost completely naked but with Niall still staring at me. My body shifted around to where my back was facing him. I put on a t-shirt and my pajama trousers. 

"Nice arse you got there." Niall called behind me.

I turned around and glared at him, "Were you really staring at my bum?" I threw a pillow at him. Niall nod. 

"You got some really sexy panties on." I blushed and threw another pillow at him, "why are you throwing pillows at me it was just a couple compliments." He smirks.

"Yeah about my arse. What else are you going to compliment, my boobs?" I joked. Niall gave me a mischievous look. That dirty minded bastard.

"Shut up." I chuckled before turning off my lamp.

I got under the duvets and Niall turned the lamp off on his side before getting into Charlie's bed. It didn't take long for me to fall into a sleepy state after Niall got into his own. 






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