Frozen has Come

On the five-hundredth anniversary of Arondells deep freeze, it all happens once again
Co- authored by Harry Potter 495 she's got some awesome novella's so go check her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


9. Mia's adventure.

Hiya, I'm Mia, Izzy's sister. I'm going to cover the story from my point of view after Izzy left.

Dan runs back in panting. "Gone!" he says. I'm worried. I begin to pace up and down. What do I do? I'm capable of nothing. But, I have to do something. I step outside. Ice, as far as the eye can see.Istep slowly onto the frozen water. It seems stable. I take another step. Dan comes running out. "Mia!" He yells, "Get off there." I turn round and shake my head. I take some more slow and steady steps. My confidence builds. I begin to move faster. I can hear Dan's shouts. "I'll be back!" I yell as I break into a run. 

I need to find somewhere to stay the night. I find an alpine hut on the hill. I push open the creaky door. There's a table and a bed. I go over to the table. There's a load of photos on the table.I go and look at them They are selfies of two little girls. One had black hair and fiery eyes and the other had white hair and icy blue eyes. The one with the fiery eyes wore a little red dress and the one with the icy eyes wore a white skii jaket and grey tousers and snow boots. They were really cute. There was something about them that I recognised. I just couldn't tell what.

I flicked through them and found two names,Izzy,and Celeste?!But Celeste.....she was...dead.I was so scarred and confused.Only then did I relise what was happing,some sort of redo of Elsa and Anna's story.I was Anna,Izzy was Elsa and Celeste,if she was a huge question mark.

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