Dangerously In Love

"I never imagined the person I loved the most could break my heart so easily."
(Not all love stories have a happy ending.


14. Hang Out

Evelyn's P.O.V

I grabbed my phone and saw a text that was from Za. I unlocked my phone and read it, 'call me ✌️' I lightly smiled and called him after 1 ring he picked up. "Hello" he said, "hey Za" I said happily and he chuckled. "I've missed you so much dude, We haven't talked in a while" he said excitedly. " I've missed you too, you have no idea it's been too long, so what's up" I said, "I called to see if you wanted to hang out " he asked, "of course. We can meet up downtown," I said grabbing my keys. "Ok sounds good I'll see you soon", "alright bye" I hanged up and walked over to my car.


Justin's P.O.V

" what are these" Hailey asked as she flipped one over. She stared at the photo for a couple of seconds and she smiled. "what" I asked and she sat down next to me. "She is just so beautiful, you guys were everything" she said in a serious voice. "She is my everything, and I would take her back in a heart beat" I said picking up the picture. "You should talk to her and tell her you love her while you still can, show her your love to her and how much you want to be with her. Because I know deep down inside, you guys belong together." She stood up and touched my shoulder. "thank you Hailey" I lightly smiled, "your welcome, now go find her" she said in almost a whisper and walked away. 


Evelyn's P.O.V 

I got off my car and so did brandon and Adelyn. We walked walked inside the Hotel as eyes were on me and some took out their phones as I passed by to go to the top floor. When we got there, my cousins greeted us and went back to their seats. I had reserved the floor to get to hang out and eat. "I'll be right back" brandon said and I nodded and he left. I walked over to the balcony and the view was great and I watched as the waves on the beach were perfect to go out for a swim. "Evelyn" I turned around and saw Za, I walked over to him and hugged him. "Hey" he said and we both let go, "Hi" I said and he smiled. "Oh hey I want you to meet my cousins," I said and he nodded. "Guys this is Za and he is my friend" I said and they all said Hi and he did too. "You don't really need to know all their names" I said and he chuckled. We both sat down at the table, "You look so grown and beautiful." he smiled again making me smile. "thanks, you look nice yourself" I said and he did a funny face. "while thank you ms. carter" he said and I giggled. There was bread and cold water on the table and he grabbed one. "Hey, I missed that smile" he said, "Of course" I said and he winked and bit a piece of bread. "So what have you been up too, Ms. Carter since you've been wayyy to busy for me" he said in a sarcastic tone. " Heyy, Thanks" I said "It's a surprise, but since your Za. I will tell you" I smiled and he did too. "Ive been working on 2 albums but I am just still trying to figure it out and a world tour that is going to last for about a year and a half." I said and his face dropped in the tour part. "That's great" he said and the waiter brought us food. "So are you going to leave when" he asked, " I still dont know but it won't be longer than next year in the spring because I graduate and finish College on early May just a month after I turn 21" I said eating a piece of fruit. "It's july," he said and i nodded. "Za is there something wrong" I asked worried and he shook his head and dranked his cup of water. I saw the paparazzi taking pictures from far. "Can I ask you something" he asked and I nodded my head yes, "I know this is the last thing you want to talk about and I know you don't want to hear his..." , "Justin" I said softly and he nodded. "Evelyn, since the breakup..." I interrupted him, "Za", "He is.." I cut him off again. "Za, we broke up months ago and trust me, I am trying to figure this out. I don't know what to do anymore," I said as I can feel my throat getting that feeling when you are about to cry. "He needs you, at least talk to him and try to figure things out" he seemed worried, " I need him to forget about me and I need to forget about him, I.. I can't after all I lost" I said and a tear fell down. "I'm so sorry, Evelyn and everything you have to go through" he said and I wiped the tear. "What he told me, I can't go back, even if I tried" I said and he nodded his head. "Just tell me, do you still ..." He was cut off. "I'm back" Brandon said and me and Za both looked at him. "Are you alright" he asked and I nodded. "Uhm I want you to me my friend Za, Za this is Brandon" I said and Za stood up and shook his hand. "I'll let you guys talk" he said and left with the rest. I looked at him, "I know what he did," I said and he looked at me in a surprise. "Evelyn.." I cut him off, "why didn't you tell me that he cheated" I said, "I'm sorry I should have told you when I found out. I just didn't want you to get hurt. I hope this doesn't ruin our friendship" he said sadly. "It's fine, I wouldn't let that get in the way of our friendship" I said and he lightly smiled. "Your a wonderful woman, and deserves the best and every happiness. Now please smile for me. I'm sorry" he said and I smiled. "Thank you," I said and he did a silly face making me giggle.

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