Nice to meet you

Rosalie Lightwood. Clary and Jace's kid. She has a little family that was perfect with her little brothers Lucas and Martin. Everything in her life was perfect. Then she met Jamie.


1. Good morning

Rosalie's POV

I woke up to the laughter of my little brothers running outside my room. I smiled and got out of my bed. I got dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and put my long, curly brown hair in a ponytale. I walked out of my room and was greeted by my brothers. "Morning Rose!" They both said as they stopped running and hugged me. I smiled at them. They were so cute. They looked so muvch like our father. They both had blonde hair and marked cheekbones. They had mom's eyecolor though.

"Come on lets ho and eat" I said smileing. I took their small hand in both of mine, and we walked to the kitchen together. At the kitchen we met mom,dad,Isabell,Alec and Magnus. 

(A/N If you're wodering  why everybodys last name is Lightwood is because Clary and Jace are married and Alec and Magnus are married)

"Morning kids" dad said and kissed all of us at our forehead."Morning" I said and grabbed a apple." Sure you don't want some real food to eat?" Alec said and looked at me. He was like a dad to eveyone here. "Yes I'm sure" I said "I'm gonna meet up with Irina and Gale soon anyways". They all looked at me and sighed. "What?!" I said getting mad. I hated that they didn't like my best friends." Nothing just come back before it gets dark " mom said. "Okay, bye then! "I said and waved. I ran outside and called for a cab.



~Skip ride to friends~

I paid the taxidriver and walked out of the cab. "Hey wifey!" Irina yelled as she and Gale got out of their house. Gale and Irina was dateing and I was so happy for them. "Hey girl,hey!" I yelled and ran right into the blonde girl armes. "Hey I'm here to! "Gale yelled and pouted. 

"Sorry babe" Irina said and kissed him. "Geez,get a room!" I yelled playfully and threw my hands over my eyes. "Very funny Rose" Gale said. "So anyways what's new?" Irina asked. "Nothing really. Oh yeah my birhday is in a week!" I yelled. "We know, you've been talking non-stop about it. "Galesaid and Irina laughted. "Well I'm finally 18 so it's something to talk about!" I said. "Whatever" Irina said and we three walked down to the coffeshop

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