Blue //HORAN//

➴ maybe this wold is so fucking cruel and i can´t be with you ➴


4. Niall James Horan

“You´re okay?” the blonde boy asked worried and smiled weakly at me. I avoided his gaze and tried to pull my hands out of the grip from the curly idiot, but he just held me tighter.

“Oh I look like, I´m okay?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! You just punched the crap outta a boy like some fucking creepy gangs do! I EVEN DON´T KNOW YOUR NAME AND THIS CURLY BASTARD THINKS I´M HIS SILLY BITCH!” I shouted back.

The boy pulled me at him and covered my mouth.

“Stop it.” he growled and his eyes got dark and fiery. I gritted my teeth.

“Don´t you fucking touch me.” I hissed and this time he let go off of me.

“I´m Harry. This is Niall.” he said and walked on.

“Fuck you.” I replied and kept distance to them.

“Don´t push it.” he growled. I had to think about how he punched Nathan to the ground and shivered.  They were fucking creepy.

“We´ll take you home.” Niall said calmly and smiled at me, Harry didn´t noticed it. I stared at the ground and shook my head. The long street, we walked down, was empty. Just a few lanterns spended us light. This was some of the boroughs you should avoid at night.

“I don´t wanna go home.” I said and Harry shot around back to me.

“Why.” he asked and frowned. He made fists and bit his lower lip.

“Doesn´t matter. Take me somewhere you want, but not home.” I said.

Niall nodded and Harry turned around again.

“We could take you at ours if you want.” he asked and smiled.

Although they had just taken me into a fight with my ex-friend, I felt safe around Niall.

“Thank you.” I smiled back and rushed through my hair.

“I´ll call Louis.” Harry said and took out his phone, as suddenly another phone rang. My phone.

I sighed and took it out.

6 missed calls – Dad

“C´mon.” I sighed and pushed the green button.

“Uhm Dad?”

“WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN?!” he shouted and I had to pull the phone away, not to get deaf.

“Uhm… I´m with… Niall.” I answered. Harry shot around immediately and threw me a cold look. He gritted his teeth and grabbed my phone.

“Uhm yeah, it´s Harry, Simon. Yeah, El must have accidentally mixed up our names.” he said and looked at me in anger. Dad must have something angrily, but Harry kept calm.

“She´ll be back tomorrow, I´ll take her to the studio.” he said and said goodbye.

I made fists, as he gave me my phone back.

“ARE YOU STUPID?!” I shouted at him, but suddenly he grabbed my chin and pushed me at a wall. Niall gasped and grabbed Harry by his shoulder, but Harry just punched him in his face and Niall fell to the ground. He gritted his teeth and looked back to me.

“You´re mine.” he growled.

“Fuck you. I belong to the boy, I love.” I spat back, but he firmly grabbed my wrists. I looked to Niall, who gasped and lied on the cold street, holding his head. Harry pressed me harder against the wall and became angrier.

“You will love me.” he said and let go off of me. Then he walked on, not waiting for Niall or me. I gasped and rubbed my neck from his hard grip and stumbled over to Niall.

“A-are you okay?” I asked and took his hands from his face. His nose was covered in blood and he gasped.

“Wait, I´ll help you.” I said and took a part of my sleeve to wipe the blood away.

“Don´t you fucking touch him. He´s okay.” Harry shouted and started to come back. I rolled my eyes and helped Niall to his feet. He stood weakly and rubbed his face.

Harry growled and pulled Niall up by his collar.

“WATCH OUT, SHE´S MINE!” he yelled and pushed him against a wall.

Niall gasped out in pain, as Harry let him fall to the ground again.

Suddenly a black van stopped next to us.

“Get in.” a boy said, who must be Louis.

Harry took my hands and pulled me in the van, I looked back to Niall, who lied on the ground and looked at me worried.

“I´m sorry…” he whispered in pain, before he closed his eyes and passed out.


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