Happiness is True (Lilo/Larry FanFic)

Liam and Louis, they've been together for 5 years. In the 2nd anniversary, In the exact same date. Liam was diagnosed with a Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia stage C. Now, Liam only have less than a year to make the one his truly love happy... But Liam still don't know how to do it.

Check it out to know what Liam did to make his Louis happy... ;)


1. Prologue

Liam's POV 

I've been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia for 3 years and now I'm already in the C stage. It already spread to my brain and the doctor told me that I won't survive until next year. I have a year to make my love boyfriend,Louis, happy. But I don't know what I can do to make him happy. I barely can't came downstairs by myself. I was so weak and fragile.

I'm so glad I have boyfriend like Louis. He's so caring. I told him there were a lot of people that was better than me stronger, funnier and... Cancer free, not like me weak, fragile, awkward, serious and... Cancerous. But instead of searching for them, he stays by my side, every time I need him he always be there for me, caring for me, help me for everything I need. It likes I'm the only life he has. He even quit his job and change it to a journalist, sometimes he wrote a book so he could stay at home with me. He never go out unless for grocery shopping, accompany me when I got my chemo session and he has to go out. On the weekend sometimes I insisted him to go out with his friend, he'll worried about me but at the end he will hang out with his friend but never more than 3 hours and he always called me every half hour. 


Today I was home alone watching TV in our living room whilst waiting for Louis to come home from his grocery shopping. It was 9 pm but Louis still hadn't come home. I began to worry about him he never late to come home. I called him once, he wasn't answering, twice until seventh he still not answering. A negative thought began to rushing down to my mind. Is Louis giving up on me ? He doesn't want to be with me again ? Is he already find another guy that a lot far better than me ? Is he ? I know it seems so selfish but he was the only family I have. The negative thought keep rushing down through my mind. A tear slipped down my face, I curled myself into a ball in the couch. I'm afraid, I'm alone, I'm cold, I'm weak and no one there to hold me, no Louis. I need him. I don't want to lose him this fast no until the end of my time, please. The tears running down my face.

Until I felt a strong hand rubbed my back and whispering a sweet nothing to me. "Liam..." It was Louis! He wasn't leaving me. He wasn't giving up on me.   I looked up at him and yes it was Louis. I immediately wrapped my arms around his waist and sobbing uncontrollably. "Hey.. What's wrong, love ?" He asked me lifted my chin up so He can see my face. 

"I-I tho-thought you were lea-leaving me..." The sobs began again, harder.

"How could you think that ? I'd never leave you.." 

"Promise ?" I asked and he nodded. 

"I'm sorry you must be worried. I forgot to charge my phone and I bumped into Harry in the store, he asked me to get some cuppa. He'll be in London for a year, he hasn't got any place and I offered him to live in our house. Is it okay with you ?" Harry ? Who's he ? I kept forgetting things, god... 

"H-Harry?" I asked confused. 

Louis sighed "He was our friend in Uni ? Remember ? The curly one ?"  

Oh.. I remembered. He used to love Louis back in Uni. "U-uh.. Yeah.. Styles ?" He nodded. 

"Great.. He'll come tomorrow and lets take you to bed. You look so tired. You already took your medicine ?" He asked getting up and took lifted my waist. I shook my head. "Liam... You have to drink your medicine wether I'm with you or not! Understand you Mr ?" 

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