Katsa and the Elements

"Katsa? I thought you were dead."

Meet Katsa, the younger sister of Anna and Elsa. Yes the Anna and Elsa from Frozen.

At the age of 3 Katsa's witnesses several things.

1. Anna suddenly gains a white streak in her hair.
2. Elsa has lock herself in her room and won't talk.
3.She has the power of the element.

Suddenly her whole world changes and she's not even 3. Faking her death to "protect" her, her parents make her go into hiding and the only ones that know are Elsa and her stuffed animals.

What happens when Anna finds out about Elsa's powers and finds that the sister she mourned over isn't dead?


1. The Sky's Awake

Katsa's POV

Bright light streams through the window directly into my eyes. Yes pretty good language structure for a 3 year old; I'm smart. I whine and flip to my side turning away from the brightness. Smiling I cuddled into my warm blankets only to be shoo ken by someone saying "Get up! We're going to go build a snowman!" I grin and throw my covers off taking a grand leap off my bed because hey I've got tiny legs. I ran after my sisters our bare feet hitting the cold wooden floor. We make it into the grand ballroom giggling with glee. Elsa stomps her foot down and instantly I'm transported to a winter wonderland in the middle of June. Elsa proceeded to make a snowman but I was no longer watching. My favorite thing to do was make igloos. I quickly got to work and before I knew it I had a comfy little home. I could see Anna and Elsa playing around when all of a sudden Anna fell and gained a white streak in her hair.

Screaming, I couldn't move. "Mama, Papa!" Elsa cried. I saw the doors open and relief washed through me when I saw Mama and Papa. They hovered over Anna and murmured things I could hear. Crying, I sat frozen until my name was put into the conversation. "Mama" I said crying. She quickly ran to the igloo, but when I tried to get out the exit way I saw it was frozen over solid. "Help me Mama, Papa I can't get out." I screamed in the midst of tears. Panicking I heard Mama tell me to stay calm. Shivering, I tried to think warm thoughts. I thought of a fire crackling and hot cocoa. Suddenly the ice melted where I was touching it. Gleefully I dove through the little hole before it decided to freeze up again. I looked around and no one was in the room except me. Who melted the ice then? I was startled by the doors being slammed open and my family exclude Anna came running in. Mama came crying and gave me a hug. A warm blanket was being wrapped around me and before I knew it we were riding off to somewhere unknown to me.

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