Isabella Marie Elwood had the perfect life. Amazing parents, and wonderful siblings. Her life went crumbling down when she was kidnapped at the age of 6. So far it has been 12 years. Her family has stopped looking. Her best friend, Emily, has stopped looking. She moved on and made new friends. It's like everyone has forgotten about her and moved of with their lives, but they didn't forget. They just gave up. But one person has never stopped looking. Now, after 12 years of abuse, she free. But she has changed. She is broken. Soon after she is free she bumps into her old friend. Will he be able to fix her, climb her walls? Or will she be like this forever?


5. authors note


Okay, so I have this stomach problem. So I probably going to be laying down a lot. I am getting my sonogram on Sunday. Yes, I need a sonogram for it. But yeah. Sowwy.

-Johanna <3

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