its you.

its my first story so plz no hate im planning on making a second one after i get this stared X) ive read so many amazing ones it gave me inspiration so thanks to all u beautifuls (virtual hug)


1. its you!

MARCEL WAKE UP!!!! ugh *i stumble out of bed as my mom calls me as im heading down stairs* good morning mom i say she replys with good morning and go get up your brothers to i say why didnt you do it? then she says they never wake up when i yell at them and its to much of a pain ok ill go get them now i say  * i head up stairs i first go into harrys room* Marcel:harry get up mom wants you to come get breakfest *i shake him as his eyes open* Harry: ok be down in a second Marcel:ok *then i go into edwards room* Marcel: Edward? *then i look at his bed hes not there!* Marcel: Edward! *as im about to turn around* BOO!!!! *i fall down at the sudden suprise* Edward: hahahaha you should have seen you face! Marcel: holy crap edward! you scared the crap out of me Edward: good you should man up Marcel:yeah yeah yeah any way mom said come down stairs and eat breakfest Edward:ok *me and edward head down stairs * Edward: hey mom good morning Mom:good morning and eat up and get ready for school *skip breakfes and geting dressed* (A/N im sorry i think people talking while eating is kind boring and geting dressed) H/E/M: bye mom! Mom:bye boys *at school \O-O/ * Edward: we got here a little early Harry: yeah Marcel: lets go ahead and go in *as we go in bradly is there he dosn't come near m when harry and edward are near they dont know that this bullying is going on i think as harry pokes me* Harry: hey you ok you been staring off into space Marcel:yeah im fine Edward: yeah im sure *i give a reassuring smile* Harry: ok *then i see this beautiful girl there she looks at me i look away and blush* Edward: school is about to start Harry:yeah*after a while school starts* .....( this is not the story what im saying right now XD ok i hoped u liked it if so please comment if you have anything thing to say about it tell me ill improve \O_O/ and please tell me what you think it will make me happy if you enjoyed it and also i know the first chapter stunk sorry *^-^ i will try and get better bye )

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