My Artwork

This is just a bunch of the stuff I draw. I draw some weird stuff sometimes. I probably won't update to much.


7. Evil Elsa - June 2, 2014

     Have you noticed that Frozen is pretty much  the only Disney movie without a real villain? Sure, Hans was a jerk, and that merchant was a gold digger, but they weren't really what I look for in a villain.

     There isn't even the glorious villain song that makes a Disney movie fantabulous! 

     Although Elsa is an antagonist, she's also a protagonist, so "Let It Go" isn't much of a villain song. (Plus to be a villain, you have to have a creepy and/or sinister singing voice. Elsa has an A! Maze! Ing! voice that doesn't sound villainous at all.)

     So I give you...

     AN EVIL ELSA!!!

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