Killing with a plot.
All Rights Reserved-Copyright
What would you do if someone killed your father then left him in your house so that right when you walked in you'd see his lifeless eyes facing you.
I walked into the house after coming home from school and the first thing I saw, was my father's corpse. I dropped my bag and stared not really seeing what I thought I saw.
His blue eyes that used to see, that used to shine like the stars were now glazed over, as if someone had put eyedrops into them.
He's Dead.
I seemed to have to replay these words into my head so many times just to get the understanding that me father was in fact dead.
I as realization dawned on me, the first thing I felt was pure and utter anger, hate for whoever did this.
I would find them.
I would.
And I would kill them.
I would gut them like a fish and let them bleed out, then and only then could the person responsible could die.
Only then.
Except for one thing....
They could be anyone....

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