The Only Reason

"Your the only reason."

"What me?... For what?"

"The start of everything that's happening to us right now."


"Yes, trust me."


1. Prologue: Our Strong Friendship

Heather's POV

I gathered all of my long novels ontop of the newly dried white painted shelves. I set them up in a specific order, which is my top picks from 1 through 10. The Fault In Our Stars is definately number 1.

You see, I just moved here in Sydney, Australia. I used to live in Perth, but my parents have some old friends living here. So, they decided to move here. I didn't mind at all, since I've met their friend, their son(s), and daughter(s) before. But, that was like 5 years ago when I was 12, puberty may have changed them like with me.

I looked around my new bedroom feeling accomplished, since it pretty much looks like a chill room, just like some tumblr rooms. With some of my polaroid pictures taped ontop of my bed post forming a heart. A mini disco ball hanging from the corner of the ceiling. My desk is painted white with a decal from the TFIOS book saying, 'Okay? Okay.' on the side of my desk. My MacBook ontop of my desk, and my Polaroid camera at the corner.

The walls are painted light blue, but my brother, Daniel, who came here to help me paint added some white splatters everywhere on the wall, which I didn't mind, since it looked quite abstract. I added a few of some band posters, like All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, 1975, and more. My bed has a white comforter, with blue covers and white/blue pillows. My closet is technically a walk in closet, but you can rarely put much in it.

But, anyways you get the point of my room status and stuff. Right? Yeah.


"Heather! Why don't you go to Michael's to hang out?! Besides I'm sure Karen won't mind. It's your 2nd day here, and you rarely talked to anyone else but us." my mum shouted from the kitchen, while I was sitting on my window seat reading Divergent. "Later!" I groaned.

It's technically summer break right now so I could do anything I want, really. Ever since middle school or so, I would just play on my Xbox all day, read a book, sleep, and go on the internet. I rarely go outside to the real world. The bedroom is my world. And, I like my world just the way it is.

"It's already passed later! Go bond with him like the good old times when you both were young!" my mum interupted my once again. It was like 2:37 pm. Which is when the sun it mainly out. I'm more of a night owl okay? Okay.

I lazily got off from my window seat and placed Divergent back ontop of the shelf. I took my phone and my earbuds, tucking them into my pockets. Then, finally I head off out of my house to go next door. I stood infront of the door, debating whether or not I should go back or stay here to have some of the most awkwardest conversations ever.

I sighed, and rang to doorbell, realizing that my mum would just drag me back here. Immediately, the door opened, seeing Karen Clifford. She smiled widely. "Heather! Long time no see! Hows my lil cupcwake?!" Karen pulled me into a tight hug. "I'm not a little cupcake anymore, Mrs. Clifford." I chuckled getting quite muffled cause, of the hug.

"Even if, you'll still be a little cupcake to me." Karen let go of me and welcomed me in. "This place hasn't really changed. Has it?" I looked around recalling some fun memories here when my family spent our vacation here when I was 12 which was the last time I have ever seen, Michael, Luke, and Calum.

"Michael's room changed quite a lot, he isn't that boy who was so obsessed with playing outside anymore once you left. He changed a lot since he thought he'd never exactly see you again." Karen sighed. "I changed as well infact. I don't like playing outside and overall, go outside as much. But, hey! I'm back here now." I smiled.

"Mum? Who's that?!" I heard a aussie accent ask from upstairs. "Michael! Just come down from your room to find out!" Karen shouted. Dang, Michael's voice changed a quite lot. Puberty. Of course. I quickly put on my hood and took a pair of Ray-Bans from the counter to hide my face. Karen chuckled lowly, as Michael groaned coming downstairs slowly every 2 seconds he'd reach the next step. He got pretty clumsy as well like me. Wow.

I finally, found myself staring at the gigantic Michael Clifford. "Please don't tell me you hooked up with a short dude." he whined. "Hi, I'm Bob." trying to imitate that same old young girl voice I had, whenever we would act weird stuff out, but ended up talking in an old mans voice. "Bob, who?" Michael asked, not even recalling any of those memories.

"The last-name is Parker." I replied removing the Ray-Bans. "Heather?!" Michael's jaw dropped, and pulled me into the familiar tight hugs he used to give me everytime we saw each other. "Mikey, why do you have eye-liner on?" I asked, with a small chuckle. A tear slowly slipped out, as I smiled onto his chest, smelling his familiar scent I've never smelled ever since.

This may not be our first encounter. But, now that its been 5 years since we've seen each other...

It just feels like we haven't even met each other.

We've changed. But, the only thing that hasn't changed between both of us, is our strong friendship.


Remember Michael is 17 here like Heather, so Michael is in 5SOS already. Also, remember that this is just the Prologue. Okay. Yeah. I didn't put any specific details nor a plot for the blurb. Thats because you have to find it out for yourself.

Hope you like the Prologue!

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