This is a story where a gorgeous, stunning girl called Jaz gets bullied but is finally noticed by someone until there is an accident does she break... and the question is will he stay....


1. chapter 1

My alarm went off at 6:30 on a Monday morning that only meant one thing................... school. I have had a shitty life with school and all that lets just say I wasn't the most popular or the most liked in school. I got bullied a lot and if things didn't make it worse my parents never cared. I got up and put some blue skinny jeans on with a black tank top and some uggs, I curled my hair and put a jumper on. I went downstairs and had some toast, once I ate I threw my backpack on my back and left for the bus. oh great I thought to myself as I see my bullies at the bus stop. so I got my headphones out and listend to my music, I could hear the rude remarks they were making about me and I could hear the people laughing at me. 

As I sat down on the bus i could hear the people laughing at me. 20 minutes later I got to school. I went straight to my locker, then my bully known as stacey pushed me down then i heard a thick irish accent scream HEY!!!...................

Nialls p.o.v

I saw Stacey push Jaz over HEY!!!!! I shouted. Jaz looked up in complete shock.LEAVE HER ALONE  I shouted with much more rage than I meant. Then Stacey and her gang ran off, I went over to Jaz to help her up.

Jaz p.o.v

Niall came over to me and helped me up but I had never seen Niall so full of rage and i have to admit, it did scare me a bit. He spotted the scaredness in  my eyes and said its alright im not going to hurt you. I calmed down a bit when he said that.

Niall: Jaz?

Me: yeah niall?

NIall: Do you want to meet up after school and go to nandos?? 

I could hint the nervousness in his voice.

Me: Yes I would love to

*after school*

 I saw Niall standing by his black range rover and as I was walking over there my bullies spotted me......oh great this is going to end well. But i quickly ran over to Niall before they could get to me.

Niall: Hey Jaz

Me: Hey niall

NIall: You ready?

Me: yep 

Jaz P.O.V

once we go to nandos we sat down and ordered

Niall: look Jaz i understand what your going through i used to get bullied but no matter what i am sticking by you.

Jaz: Thanks Niall but there is something else i need to tell you but your proberly just going to thin- But i was interrupted by the waiter and i was pretty glad becauseI didn't want to tell him yet. so i changed subject will eating. once we ate niall kept on saying he will pay but i insisted i would pay but he got the better of me and payed.


*in the car*

As we were siting in the car niall brought that subject up again.

Niall: So Jaz what were you going to tell me before our food arrived at nandos

Jaz: I don't know what your talking about just keep your eyes on the road.

Niall: Jaz just tell me and without thinking he let go of the steering wheel for one second to grab his phone the next thing i new was the headlights coming towards and the car spinning round 8 times Before I blacked out.

*at he hospital*

Niall was sitting next to my bed as i lay there.

Nialls P.O.V

I sat there looking at her lifeless body i feel so stupid i should have never taken my hands off the wheel. Jaz looked so lifeless. The nurse said she is in a coma and its very likely she wont wake up i sat by her bed for the whole time she has been here which is about 6 weeks i only came out with a broken arm and some scratches, or so I thought, I went on to twitter and i went to Jazs account it looked like the bullies found out about it because they were tweeting her telling her she should die they even got  #Let Jaz die and #Jaz  deserved to be in that crash. I heard the heart monitor make that noise i never wanted to hear and looked up the line was straight doctors and nurses came rushing in................

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