Painful Regrets

Avery Madison has made some mistakes in her life, but mistakes are something everyone makes, and well everyone learns from them. What happened when she has a chance to fix her regrets? But by loving the guy she wants, she will lose her best friend. Her past is filled with darkness and regrets, regrets she now has to overcome.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Avery POV:

Niall. I can still remember his beautiful eyes look at me with tears in them, his eyes had looked at me with sadness, and I felt so bad. A sadness, which I knew even food would not cure. Why? He had asked.

"Avery." the teacher interrupts me, breaking me from my memory.

"Yes sir." I answer back.

The teacher was Mr. Muddle; he was in his late forties, with a pot belly, and more hair growing out of his ears then on his bald head. His bulging eyes were staring at me.

"You seem to be more in your memory, then in our lesson." Mr. Muddle told me.

I did want to say I was in our lesson, but I could not stand one more minute in this lesson, I could feel someone staring at me, and without turning my back. I knew it was Niall.

"Yes, I was in my memory, it was a lot more interesting then the lesson." I reply back.

"Out of my lesson, right now." Mr. Muddle said to me.

"Whatever." I mumble, taking my school bag, and walking out of the lesson. I made sure to swing the door behind me, so that it would slam loudly. My eyes were scattering on the hallways, normally so busy and loud, was so quiet.

"Why Avery? Wasn't I good enough for you, I love you. Please don't go princess."  he whispered to me, tears trickling down his face.

My hand gave a punch towards the locker, as I tried my best to contain the pain I was feeling.

"What did the locker do to deserve that?" my best friend Trey asks.

Trey was my best friend in the whole world; I had known him since we were really little. Trey was like my partner in crime, and we did everything together. He knew about Niall, and my feelings, and understood me more than my own parents did. He never judged me, and we had become even closer after my little brother death. A death which everyone thought was an accident, but I knew the truth. It was his entire fault. Ryan. The brother of Louis, who was a mate of Niall. Ryan was scary, and full of evil. He had told me that he wanted me, and because I said no, he had then killed my brother. It was my entire fault. Mine. I just love going shopping with Trey, where we both would check out the guys there, and I guess that even though Trey was gay. It made him more sensitive, and even more seem like a girl friend. With lovely brown hair, and strong blue eyes. Trey was handsome, and girls always seemed to check him out. Even though Trey didn't even give them a glance.

"I was just thinking. Anyway, what are you doing here, aren't you supposed to be in the lesson?" I ask Trey suspiciously.

"I was. But Mr. Muddle is too boring. So I decided why don't I get kicked out and see my best friend. My best friend who has always been a good girl, Mr. Muddle was just shocked. Did you see his face, go wide open like a fish?" Trey laughs.

"I was just thinking, and really felt the need to get away from the class, from." I start saying.

"Niall." Trey ends what I was saying, like he knew what I was saying.

That was also something awesome about Trey. Trey knew what I was thinking before even I did.

"Yeah, it was just. I want to tell him, but." I begin to say.

"Then why don't you?" Trey asks.

"Because I can't, then his life and your life would be in danger." I reply.

"But, I am sure he would understand." Trey tells me.

"I won't have your life or his life on my hand. You're both meant so much to me, I won't risk them." I tell Trey.

"That guy doesn't have anything on him, I can beat him up." Trey tells me.

"I am sure you can Trey, you’re as strong as a princess." I chuckle at Trey.

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