Will you love me?

Jenny has a crush on Niall Horan, a member of the band One Direction! Her biggest dream is to go on one of their concerts. One day her best friend Liesbet gave her two tickets for a 1D concert. She and her twinsister Jessy went to the concert and they met the boys BACKSTAGE! As Niall saw Jenny he couldn´t get his eyes off of her.... But there is a huge distance between their ages! Will they fall in love or isn´t there a happyend this time?


3. 3. The surprise

3. The surprise


In front of the school Jessy and I waited for our friends. First Lucy arrived, than some classmaters. "Where´s Liesbet?", I asked. Liesbet is my absolutely best friend on the planet. I love her for her happiness and the fact that she can make me laugh all the time. Ok... maybe that´s not difficult cause I love laughing and laugh about everything the whole time. The bell rang and we walked into the classroom. "Jenny! Jessy!", I heard a voice shouting at me and my sister. It was Liesbet. "Wait! I´ve got a surprise for you two!". We hugged eatch other and than she said excited: "Guess what? One Direction Comes to Germany!". Jessy and I nodded sadly. "What´s wrong?", Liesbet asked surprised, "I thought you´d be happy about these news". "Oh, we are happy", I started to explain, "But we have no tickets". Liesbet understood our problem. She hugged us again and rubbed our backs. Liesbet isn´t a One Direction fan but she respect them. She´s a great girl and also a good friend of corse. She likes erveryone who´s nice and politely. But she could also be really loud! We laugh a lot together and write little texts for eatch other in mathclass. She´s like me! Brown hair, green eyes... it´s just... she´s much skinnier than me! I´m absolutaly not skinny. "Had I told you that the surprise isn´t over?",a huge smirk formed in Liesbets face while she said that. She gave me a little box. "What´s that?", Jessy asked surprised. I opened the box. There was two One Direction concert and meet `n`greet tickets. I jumped up and down while screaming very loudly. Jessy stayed cool. She hugged Liesbet and made her giggle.

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