The girl in the poka-dot dress

Just a story opening thingy... I always start writing something but never finish it @_@


1. Rose

The girl next door, they had called her. Rose wasn’t sure whether she loved or despised the name, but she knew it was far better than the names drunk, middle-aged men with beer bellies spat at their teenage daughters. She wore a red and white poka-dot dress, scarlett converse and cotton tights - she could never seem to wear those thin, revealing tights that emptied your pockets with the number of holes they acquired. A delicate, prettily manicured hand stirred the strawberry and vanilla milkshake with a straw, always nonchalant, always slow. A book sat limply on the table, Rose occasionally turning its worn, strangely sweet-smelling pages. She adored this place, with its openly gay waiter and calm, fairytale interior, but today her mind was elsewhere.

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