Liam's Sister

I'm Liam Payne's Sister I left to live with my boyfriend for awhile before the Take Me Home Tour well we had a bad break up and Liam offered for me to live with him And the Boys i Agreed and now I'm on my way to my new house!


1. Chapter 1

After my boyfriend and I broke up I moved out and called my brother Liam, Yes Liam Payne I'm Lily Payne his Sister. I moved to the U.S With my boyfriend right before the Take me Home Tour started. But now I'm here on the streets of Los Angeles, calling my brother for help. 

He offered for me to go live with him and his Band mates back in the UK I simply agreed and bought a one way ticket back home. 

I got on the first plane I couldn't wait to get out of that dump and go back to London with my brother.


I got to say that I am scared of what he will think about me i mean we haven't saw each other in 2 years. I died my hair Teal for goodness sake! 

I laughed to myself as i approached the huge house, I rung the doorbell and a boy With a blonde quiff answered. 

"Lily Is that you?" 

I smiled and nodded "Hey Nialler!" 

He smiled and jumped up and down "BOYS LILY'S HERE!" he screamed inside making all the boys rush to me. 

I hugged everyone of them but lastly I hugged Liam. He smiled as he looked at me but then he looked at my hair 

"Teal? Out of every color you chose teal!" He says Laughing 

I playfully punched him. It was a good thought at the time! 

"I think it looks lovely on you Lil!" Harry says smiling 

"HAROLD, don't flirt with her infront of us!" Louis yells making me laugh. 

"Thanks though Harry!" I say 

"Yeah yeah, yeah, sis Let me show you your room!" Liam says as he leads me upstairs with the boys.


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