Dreams Come True

Two friends lived together in a three bedroom flat, in the mists of London. One was named Cyra Blanche - the older, and more mature of the two - and the other was named Emily Hunter, the more childish and care-free. They had been best friends since early on in their lives, as their mums were friends as well. Never went somewhere without the other - truly joined together at the hip. So, what happens when dreams come true and one thing leads to another?


1. Meeting The Other

Cyra Blanche raced through the tall, bright green grass - giggling as her brother tried to catch her. As she swerved between the collection of equipment at the playground, she felt a hand tap her shoulder. "Caught you! My go, my go!" Cyra's  twin brother - Harry - shouted excitedly before running off up the monkey bar ladder. The five-year old girl sighed, turning around and chasing after Harry. Frantically climbing up the sky blue, metal ladder and going across the monkey bars.

"I'll get you!" Cyra grinned, out of breath already as she jumped to the floor. Climbing had never been her thing, Cyra. She preferred running. Sprinting. Something that she had always been good at.

"No you won't." Harry yelled behind him, once again running across the acres of green grass. This was about the only part of London that had this much fresh plants.

Just as she looked across to her mum on the wooden bench, she felt something slam into her right side - sending her tumbling to the ground. She brushed herself off and got up, as Cyra had always been more mature than her age. A golden blonde haired girl stood before her, with brilliant chocolate brown eyes. Her lips were a peachy pink, her cheeks glowing a soft red. She was beautiful.

"Sowwy," The girl said, panting. She had been running too.

"Don't worry." Cyra replied. "What your name?"

"Emily." She smiled.

"I Cyra." She grinned proudly. She loved her name.

Emily held out a hand. "Friends?"

Cyra took it. "Friends."


I couldn't help but smile as I recalled the first time me and my wonderful best friend met. It was such a precious memory to both me and her. As we had grown, Emily and myself had still stayed friends. Through fights, break-ups, love and general craziness. Nothing could break us up. Ever.

Gazing at the smooth, glassy mirror I brushed my tomato-red hair all the way down to my waist. As long as I recall, I had never cut my hair. Whenever my mum mentioned the thought, I locked myself in my bedroom for a few hours. Made her laugh, and myself now. My eyes were a gorgeous chocolate brown colour, much like Emily's. We both had quite a few features the same, therefore making people think we were twins/sisters. Except from our hair. Emily had golden blonde hair, which lay at her shoulder. Putting down the brush, I swept back my hair out of my eyes with my fingers. I loved my hair.

My delicate, nimble fingers picked up the strawberry-pink lip-stick from my make-up bag and applied a few layers. Then I put on a thin strip of mascara before checking myself over and leaving the bathroom. "All ready?" Emily asked. She was wearing black skinny jeans, with timberland boots, a fashionable white top and black jacket. Across her chest, was a silver wolf necklace. Her hair was straightened.

I was also wearing a white top, but it has a rough sketch of a girl with big glasses and a lollipop. To go with this, is dark blue jeans and black heels. However, a black biker jacket was over the top of the t-shirt, not done up, with a silver cross necklace contrasting with my long, bright hair. "I'm ready. Lets go."

With that, they strolled out of their small apartment and down the stairs - all dressed up to go up the town for lunch.

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