Don't Let Me Go [Narry Storan]

"Maybe, this is love,"

"What do you mean?"

"Maybe we're unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with each other,"

"I will never love anyone as much as I love you, Harry,"

"Nor will I, my precious. You will always be in my heart, where ever you are, and no matter how far away we are from one another. You will always be with me,"

copyright © 2014 niallsboxersss


1. prologue


"Mummy, why are those to men always holding hands?" He would say to his mum Maura whenever he saw the same two men holding hands, or they were kissing. She knew what those two men living next door to them got up to every night. She heard it.

"Sometimes, people can have a different love. It doesn't mean you're wrong, it's just who you love" She said, stroking his smooth check, and then planting a kiss on it. He hated it when she did that in public. He was only 5. He wanted to be a big boy, and not have to kiss his mummy.

"But it's weird, mummy." He shouted, pointing at the two men, who were now kissing. He pulled a disgusted face "It's wrong!"

She shock her head, knowing he would never understand why. "Baby, sometimes, girls love boys. Sometimes girls love girls. And sometimes boys love boys. There's nothing wrong with that, is there, baby?" Maura said, pulling the little boys arm to follow her, to try and stop being rude, but he wouldn't keep his eyes off those two men. He would just stare at them.

It was like as if something had happened to the little boy, who was named Niall. While he was growing up, he changed. Sometimes, girls love boys. Sometimes girls love girls. And sometimes boys love boys. He changed who he loved, and suddenly, he wasn't falling in love with girls, but boys. And then he realized. That he is one of those men who he saw when he was 5 with his mum. He was proud to think that. He was proud that he was different to everyoe else. And he didn't care what the world will said about him. Because he was happy to be who he was, and who he loved.


"Guys! We're all been invited to a party tonight!" Harry shouted as he walked in the he house, slamming the door shut behins him with a huge smile across his face. The boys came from upstairs, runnin down the stairs, and jumping about happily, because they haven't been invited to a party in ages! "That's great, Harry!" Niall cheered, giving Harry a quick squeeze. Zayn, Louis, and Liam we're jumping about in the kitchen, because they were so excited about tonight. Niall had an idea. He has had a crush on Harry for about a year now, and he hasn't told him, so he thinks that tonight will be a great time to tell him. Well, hopefully.

Maybe Harry will like me back? Oh don't be stupid, Niall! You know Harry isn't gay!

"Niall!" Liam called from the kitchen, Niall walked towards the kitchen door, opening it, then seeing Liam had started making breakfast for all of the boys already, "What?" He asked, scratching his head, "Remember, don't get too drunk tonight, Niall. Remember what happened last time?" Niall signed, "Yeah, yeah, I'll remember. And anyway, Liam, I'm not like that anymore" He said, while turning around to open the kitchen door, before Liam grabbed his shoulder and turned him around, "Just promise me, Niall" he whispered. This always annoys Niall, because Liam is the protected one of the group, he's got to make sure everything is okay, and nothing will go wrong. He's sometimes too protected. "I promise, Liam" Niall signed, before leaving the kitchen to go back upstairs to bed.

But Liam wasn't convinced.

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