Another way ...

I thought He loved me but I know now ...I can never love and I WILL never love again...

Atleast that's what Cassie thought until she meets Harry, the perfect boy for Cassie to forget her ex over. But with Harry being so famous and only in America for 2 months , will they ever have a chance to be together ? ...


7. telling May

As soon as I was safe in my room and had flopped on my bed I dialed the missed call number from earlier.

"Cassie!" May, my absolute best friend exclaimed.

I put on a sick voice and proceeded to say I had a cold and couldn't attend work. I added that I had slept on late so she didn't wonder why I hadn't called.

She took the bait and wished me well. Good old kind hearted May.

I met her when I moved to Chicago a year ago. All I had was this apartment room and a bit of cash my parents loaned me. I was looking for a life. We met at a hairdressers when I went to go get my fringe cut. I was still looking for a job and she told me there was a spot open as a sweeper there.

Of course I accepted and soon I was working for May and her aunt, mrs. Daniella. We became fast friends. Me and May that is. Not mrs. Daniella. She doesn't really like people, just has a thing for hair. But I'll grow on her. Hopefully.

I know I didn't tell May the real reason I didn't come to work but she quite , well, big mouthed. I mean I love the girl and all since she's my closest friend but she REALLY can't keep a secret. Best not to tell her right away.

Anyway I mean what's to tell? Sure I met a famous handsome singer that's living in my apartment and sure he tried to kinda kiss me but that's nothing. I mean I don't think I can ever date another guy after ....him.

Suddenly the door bell rings. I groan because I know it's probably Jarod. I get up and mess up my hair hopefully looking as unappealing as possible. That's my strategy with him.

I pull open the door and roll my eyes even though I haven't seen him yet. Just the thought of him annoys me.

"Woah.Tough crowd.Thought you'd be happy to see me." A lopsided British guy greets me at the other end of the door.

"Harry! I was just at your place!" I say wondering why he was here.

"I realized I didn't get your number!" He says.

"Oh right sure" he wants my number! Oh my gosh ! We exchange phones and enter our numbers.

" look I know we just met but I don't have much friends here besides the boys and I was wondering well if..." He hesitates rubbing the back of his neck. I decide to make things a bit easier for him.

"Yes" I say.

" so you'll go to lunch with me. " he says glad and a little relieved." Pick you up at 1"

With that I officially have my first date with Harry.

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