The Quest for Isla

I do not own Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan or anyone associated with the Uncharted series, Naughty dog does!
A artifact that gives you whatever you want... Mystery from Sir Frances Drake... Nathan Drake couldn't possibly resist this one!
Bad summary!


1. Chapter one

Chapter one


Nathan Drake sat staring at the old map infront of him with a grim determination to decifer what it meant. Two months Nathan had spent looking for hints as to where the great treasure of isla was located. Nathan was fed up, In his many years of being a treasure hunter he had never been so stuck. So Nathan went back to the only bar that inspired him enough to do good work, The beach bar. He had met many people here, Some of which he did not want to rememeber, and taken on many a job at this very table. Something always drew him and Victor Sullivan back to this table, And today was no exception. Nate hadn't told Sully about this new mission, Nor had he even mentioned him visiting the bar. Nathan allowed all of these thoughts to be processed before continuing to stare at the old map infront of him. Moments passed before Nate ran his hands through his brown hair in frustration. "Well kid, You look stressed" a familiar voice pointed out, Which made Nate raise his head to the voice before seeing a face he knew all too well, Sullivan. "What are you doing here?" Nate asked hesitantly before moving his hand in a indication for the older man to sit down. "I could ask you the same question kid. Im here because I was bored and wanted a few drinks. Problem?" Sully asked in his deep voice before dipping into the top pocket on his favourite red shirt and pulling out a cigar and lighting it, Blowing smoke into Nates face. "They will kill you, You know?" Nate gasped, coughing due to the smoke. "Other things will get me first." Sully replied, finishing off the statment with one of his famous smirks. Nate shook his head and shooed of the waiter when she came over, dismissing her before Sully would end up embarrassing himself. Sully's face held a look of dissapointment at Nate's actions towards the woman before the look changed to curiosity, Sully noticed that Nate was studying a old map of the Islands of Clativinia. "Islands of Clativinia huh? You didn't strike me as a old church type of guy Nate" Sully remarked before Nate raised his head, Eyes wide with shock. "You know this place?" Nate stammered whilst pointing towards the map. Sully grabbed the map off the table and studied it more carefully before putting it back down and looking at Nate. "Of course I do. Old island of the coast of mexico. Famous for its religion and scacred temple's. Why exactly are you looking at this map, nate?" Sully asked before blowing out more smoke, Carefully blowing the fumes away from Nate. "There is a treasure there that will allow anyone to have whatever they want. I read about it in Sir Frances Drakes Journal. He had been asked by the goverment to secure the artifact but he never could find it. He left this map, every other detail was stored away." Nate said with a glimmer in his eye that sully recognised before he went on an adventure with him. Sully was not as flexiable as he used to be, Not by a long shot. Despite this Nate insisted that they both go together on adventures. Sully never understood why he wanted him there, But he had promised himself the day he found Nate to look out for him, And he was not going to break this promise just because he had aged 20 years. A moment passed between the men sitting in a comfortable silence before Sully spoke up again. "Well what are we waiting for kid? We have a artifact to find!"

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