Royalty Is My Illness

Poor, poor Scarlet. She is dealing with some really personal problems. Scarlet is a ''queen'' werewolf and her best friend wants her place though Scarlet is persuaded into it. She is in some serious trouble.(the 'Ill' part in the title is weird so the real term is 'ill'. Your welcome!


1. awaken the woods

As soon as I got into the shadows of the trees, I was already quivering. "Ahh" I screeched as an owl turned its head counter-clockwise and hooted. His eyes all yellow and creepy, yuck, I would hate those eyes. " just calm down, whew " I took a deep, deep breath and walked toward home. I knew then that my greatest fear would eventually come true. That is if I can redeem myself to my parents and stay away from the full moon. My greatest fear was being eaten alive, which will most likely happen with their razor sharp teeth.

This has clouded my thoughts since I was two. That was when I understood the meaning of 'death'. I walked slowly, shaking my body like I just got into a freezing cold pool full of water. I tried my best to excelerate each and every step, every, single, crunching, leaf.

My arms got sweaty as goosebumps ran down my body, head to toe. I need to face my fear but it was too late now. My eyes were exposed to the midnight moon. The full moon was too strong and I was turning into a freaky, red-eyed, monster!

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