One Suprise Led to Another

Summer has just begun, and lets just say 16 year old Emma Ross is sure glad it didn't only last for 5 seconds.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Emma's P.O.V.

                   *Beep* *Beep*  I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock yelling at me.


                 "Ughhhhh. Why so early." I wine.


               "Get up! Last day of school till break!" My annoying brother yells barging in my room like he's the only thing anyone ever cares about.


                "Right, well I guess that means...."


                "Oh god. Here it comes"


                "5 SECONDS OF SUMMER CAN BE PLAYED ALL DAY, AND YOU CAN'T DO A THING ABOUT IT!" I scream, and my brother mocks my words as he walks out of my room.


                "She's 17 i tod her I'm 20 can't take ehr out cause moms got no money!" I sing as i walk down stair and sit at the dinning tabel. My mom puts bacon, eggs, and a waffle in front of me.


                "Mommmmmm. I told you bacon is man's worste creation." i wine as she takes the bacon of my tray.


                "I know honey. I'm jast glad you dont know what was in your dinner last night." she says with a smirk.


                " I don't wanna know." i murmer as i hear a knock on the door. "I'll get it!" i say getting up and heading towards the door.


              "Em, let's go! I have something important to tell you!" Taylor (one of my best friends) says pulling me out the door.


                I manage to yell good-bye to my mom and brother before she shuts the door. "So what is it that was so important that you had to ruin my breakfast?" I say finishing my toast.


                "Well, you know how Harrys in a band..." she starts. I signal her to go on. "And... the band is pretty big now correct?"


                "Yes Taylor we get it, now just spit it out!" Anna says.


                "Well, he's having a party tonight and he said you guys can come!" Taylor excaims very excited.


                " Wow. Very important you said." i say with sarcasm. "Taylor, we go to almost everyone of his parties, what makes this one so specal?"


                "Someone very important is going to be playing at this party." Taylor says.


                "Who? Them, because they play at every one of their parties." Anna says sticking her earphones back in her ears.


                 "Yes, but there's also someone else."


                "Taylor, look. If its not 5sauce, you know i dont care." I say.


                " Guess who's touring with the boys this year?!?" She says jumping up and down.


                "5sauce?" i say sarcasticly.


                "Yes!"  she answers me.




                "NO! I PROMISE! but dont tell Harry i told you." she says.


                "Tell Harry what?" Harry says hugging her from behind.


                "Nothing Harry. I promise it was nothing." I say


                "Whatever toasts your waffles. You know I'll find out soon enought." he says.


                "I know." i say back.



               The rest of the day went by really fast , and not very eventfull. But when the last calss was over I went over to Taylor's locker were Harry and Louis both where. Som times it suprises me that Louis and Harry aren't together. "Hey Larry" I say as i walk past them.


                "Hey EmmaBear!" Louis yells back. He nick names everyone as a bear. I honstley don't understand. but whatever.


                "Are you guys coming to  my party?" Harry asks.


                "Yes, yes they are." Taylor answers for me.


                "Yayyyyy!!! Parties!!!" Louis screams clapping his hands and jumpping up and down like a little kid.


      Sorry it was kinda short, and I promise it will get more eventful soon. I will try to update every day so i can get to the more excitig parts faster. If you liked, or want me to update please leave a comment, favorite, or like it. You can also become a fan if you want. ILL UPDATE SOON, AND IT WILL ET BETTER I PROMISE!!! TANKS FOR READING IT SO FAR!! ~Lashton_Irwings love ya! xx        






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