my bestfriend (true story)

this is what happend to me. a big change in my life, thought i would share how glad i am. i love my bestfriend!!! please read!!


1. 7th grade

Okay so it all started in 7th grade, i met a girl named Kara. We started to talk and became friends. we then realized we were born two days apart. We thought it was awesome and started becoming closer and closer. As time goes on, we had became best friends. we made it through the year together, summer was here and we left the school saying "see you next year"!!! We were so excited, no more school for a while! but at the same time it was sad cause we didn't hang out at all. But over the summer i became friends with a girl named Brittney and Kara and became friends with a girl named Morgan, and sadly, things changed from there. 

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