Do you understand?

These are poems based on my personal experiences. Some I've lived, some I've witnessed.


6. School.

A place of learning, and intellect.
A place to have fun and make friends.
A place were people care, and are here for you.
That's what everyone wants you to think.
But the truth is,
School, is full of ridicule and misery.
Wakes your stomach weak and head feel dizzy.
You don't wanna go, all you wanna do is sit at home.
A place of bullying.
A place of ridicule.
A place of hatred and disrespect.
If you're not a size zero you're fat,
And if you don't have the right hair, you have to wear a hat
Just to avoid being made fun of
By the girls whom everyone loves.
Everyone says their here to help
Councilors, teacher, lunchroom staff
To look out for you and have your back.
But when you tell them how you feel
They make a face, and simply sneer.
You're a kid, you don't know what you're talking about
I may be a kid, but I know when things are right to say.
What are you trying to do?
You're image is fake like the ones in you.

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