The Sickness

The ending won't come, because it's already here... It started with a few... Now it's spread everywhere... It's destroying the world and everyone's life...


1. Intro

    I sat in the corner of my room, prisoner of my own fear, clutching a ratty blanket. Outside, the sunlight creeped in through the curtains. While I felt like it should be grey with thunder rumbling and lightning crashing, it was a normal, sunny day. Nobody would have ever suspected anything was wrong.

    The pounding at my bedroom door matched the pounding in my heart. It was out there. The thing that once was, and would never be again, human.

    My door was securely barricaded, blocking the demon from getting in. Despite my attempts, however, the sound of crackling wood soon filled my ears. I cringed at the noise, knowing this was my end.

    The door was ripped from its hinges as a figure stepped in. It made its way to me. I didn’t bother running or trying to hide, for I knew my fate was inevitable. As it violently approached me, I realized it still looked human. Aside from the glassy look in its eyes, and the growing paleness of its skin, this thing coming at me still had remnants of who he once was.

    My mind didn’t have time to react when I felt hands viciously grab my arms. He threw me across the room, my body slamming against the wall. My vision became blurry, and my head began throbbing. As he approached me again, I thought I had seen something. His eyes screaming to be let out. To be saved. He almost looked like he did a million times before, just with a painful message, instead of a loving one. Maybe it was just my impaired vision, but I felt him begging me to save him.

    Whatever it was, it was gone in a flash, and he didn’t hesitate finishing me off.

    The disease that ruined his life, the one that ended mine. It’s spreading. Soon, the world will be put into chaos, by the virus that will soon be known as the Violoside.

    I am the ghost of Allison Crosse, and I come with a warning. Get out while you can, for the end is coming. Humans everywhere are becoming infected. The worst part, is now you will be in danger, for the Violoside effects ghosts as well.

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