A Dancer and A Singer

My name is Brook, Brook Linty, I am 21 now and I am a pro dancer like the one that teaches celebrities how to dance and let me tell you it's not easy, like with Taylor Swift she was a really hard one to teach. It's so funny how Me and Zayn Malik were best friends since forever, but he left to live his dream, I did to and when I got this job I was hoping to see Zayn, but never did he's in a band and has a girlfriend. I always had a little crush on Zayn but never dare tell him, so it crushed my heart when he proposed to his girlfriend but I kinda got over it. So when my boss gives me a surprise that involves with five boys, things get interpreted from normal to not so normal. * Cover credits to CorkyPorkyღ *


1. ღ One ღ



Brook’s Pov


You already know that my name is Brook, but not that I have brown hair and blue eyes that makes you “melt” not really, well to me not really. But anyways I am a pro dancer something that you already know too. I love the color black and sky blue. I love food cause like who wouldn’t, I am not one of those girls that have water and stuff like that when they are in-front of boys, I will eat normally it’s just a boy right? I am a skinny person, but not like a twig or like that I am just normal that’s all. I like to draw a lot and I listen to music it’s like another world to me    


 My idea in boys are someone that has to make you feel like the only girl in the world, for the eyes there are only three color’s that get me to look, which are: green, blue, and hazel eyes like Zayn’s. I don’t really care about the look, I care about the person it-self, not so many girls care about the boy and that’s how they get heart broken. But you don't need to know that, so I am a out-going person and I don't let to many people in I keep everything to my self. I have been on a few dates but not a lot at all and I've only had one boyfriend and that was a dare, like come on he was A STAR - WARS FREAK, I backed off and told him it was dare and he ran home crying it was funny, but I felt mean at the same time.Umm what else oh yes I also teach normal people that are like 15 to 19 years old. Yah so that's me. 



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- Mansi







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